For example,

when love Shanghai to have such a service, I believe that in the near future, more and more owners began to optimize the results page picture, no will add pictures, so as to enhance the user’s attention. But once in love Shanghai results page, are a variety of pictures, so how to attract users to click, enhance the image optimization effect? I think we can from the following aspects: to improve the

first, optimize the picture title. The picture was able to display the results page, because the title of the icon or the ALT attribute provides relevant search keywords, such images can be displayed in the results page love Shanghai. This must optimize the picture’s title, and the title of the picture content and content of the combination, such as the medical talent network picture has a big "hire", which has a significant correlation. If not related to pictures and text results page, this is not only a good optimization, actually will cause the user antipathy.

Figure 1:

second, the picture content optimization. Because the picture is small size display love Shanghai results page, so in such a small box to express more clearly the content is not practical, such as the medical talent network, if in this picture the words are written on, then the text in the image will be very small, not easy for users see, so just use "hire" this word, it is very clear, and the recruitment of connotation, it is very practical.

in search of medical talent network, can be obtained as shown in figure 1. From Figure 1 we can see that there is a large "hire" the map on the home page, but very clear, and all the results the following pages are written. For the majority of users, apparently with a picture of results is more likely to cause the click desire, so it can help to improve the site click rate, which is a prerequisite for successful website operation.

with love Shanghai to provide the content page images displayed in the search results, more and more webmaster friends began playing the idea to optimize the search results page. The results page picture clearly improves the results page for this lively, love Shanghai users, is to enhance the user experience. For the website itself, increase the attractiveness of the user.

search results page

third, should be strictly in accordance with the rules of the optimization of love Shanghai. In love after Shanghai launched the results page to show the picture of love Shanghai service, which will give the optimization strategy first request to display images must be put on the page’s main content, then Shanghai will love this picture recognition or scene recognition, the agreement is not perfect, but these pictures must be put in the content. Then the picture size ratio should be close to 121 than 75, the size will display in Shanghai results page in the image, but also do not cause the image deformation, helps to enhance the user experience. > and

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