don’t think too much, don’t plan too long, especially the plan can’t be too complicated. What you need to succeed is the ability to discover opportunities and quick break, plus a little luck. Big companies have too much work experience, but sometimes they will limit their own practices.

I have a friend, in a large software enterprises to do ten years of software research and development, want to start business, ask me what should I pay attention to?. I joked that if you want to be successful, the first is "" brandished a knife from the palace.

we recently in response to Chinese bank business commission and increased to 60 yuan a pen, a pen is $30 before.

it reduces the number of transactions.

or $$50 only 400 yuan, but also to the bank 60 yuan, is not worthwhile.

similarly to shlf1314, Adsense also is such, can increase the pay, set $300  to $500;.

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tidy collection procedures

required procedures are as follows:

1, after you get the check from the postman, take your check and your ID card to the local bank of China for check collection.
2, and now some local ICBC, CCB and other banks that open international settlement business can also handle this business.
3, usually in the Bank of China foreign currency branch or foreign currency Department of the counter before collection procedures, don’t forget to fill in your contact number.
4, you need to pay a certain fee to the Bank of China and the mailing fee of the check. The fees charged vary according to local conditions, but are usually around 60 yuan per check.
5, collect the receipt. About 1 months or so, the bank will call to inform you of your successful collection.
6, take your receipt and ID card and go to the foreign currency counter, then you can see your dollars! You can also ask the bank to exchange RMB directly, which is around 1:8.

related questions:

1, as long as the English address is correct, you can receive it from the foreign advertising sponsor for about two or three weeks. If you still don’t receive a cheque after 1 months, write a letter to the advertising sponsor and request a re – mailing.
2, after receiving the check, should go to the Bank of China above the county level, asking for check collection.
3, 1 months later, can go to the bank to ask if the collection is successful.
4, checks are valid for a period of 2-3 months, marked on the check, such as "Void after 60 days" means that from the date of completion of the bill within 90 days of the collection valid. The maturity date of the check is subject to the date of receipt by the local bank. In a word, you should collect the check as soon as possible. 5, received.

I was in the early days of millet on the emphasis must be kept confidential, must be low-key enough, so there are two benefits, first of all, to reduce everyone’s expectations, and secondly, we will focus more on products. Just imagine this thing, we see, Lei Jun do may expect high, if we are Zhang three, Wang five do, and even do not have the name to do, the user’s psychological expectations may not be so high.

Internet start-ups, the more simple, the more simple, the more successful!

what kind of pressure did I face then? Jinshan only grew from 20% to 30%, and >

keep simple

large software companies have many resources, research and development capabilities are good, and various promotional resources are also very superior, but rarely developed excellent Internet products. Preliminary look, for many reasons, such as it is difficult to mobilize personal enthusiasm, internal management coordination is very difficult.

when we first product, we are in several forums a few posts, and then rely on "Rice noodles" word of mouth, even to go abroad, because they do not have too high expectations, if they have high expectations, you can not reach the expected, so it is difficult to let the user take the initiative to give you the product promotion.


I think another important reason is that the method is not appropriate. Large companies, many resources, an Internet innovation project, invested a lot of resources, the company’s high expectations, the problems considered more natural, but it is not easy to do well.

Abstract: in Lei opinion, do product is to return to the simple, simple but not just put things out of order to erase, but the complexity of the mining depth, complex of feasible control products, let them listen to you. In this article, Mr. Lei detailed share their understanding of the Internet business.

so from leaving the company out of business, first of all to "kill" brandished a knife from the palace, the larger set of practices, control the cost of spending less money, one or two issues of focus and resources to solve the core is enough.

"seven character formula"


in 2000, I took the lead in setting up an excellent network, which was sold to Amason in 2004. After selling the web, I’ve been thinking about what the Internet is,

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