do not know how many owners feel it is understood the Shanghai dragon in this industry website is a broad road in your life, we are trapped in the many owners do not know whether to go on in the future of the industry, also have a lot of people have encountered such embarrassing: asked friends and relatives to your occupation when you first start, proudly replied: "I was doing the Internet industry" or "I’m IT", relatives and friends will think you are 80% basic computer computer city, said the Shanghai dragon industry belongs to the very mysterious occupation in the eyes of outsiders, for the webmaster, lengnuanzizhi, this so-called "future occupation" in the end there are several go? Today we channel said.


three, Shanghai dragon er


the direction of the personnel often very careful manipulation, generally applicable to large companies, these companies do not pursue their business with a short duration of time and once and for all, in different directions.

staff should be a most common type of Shanghai dragon Er, because they are against the Shanghai dragon Er hat, but is often a person who is a program, art design, optimization, promotion and customer service work, often late at night to sleep, but this kind of person is not never succeed to do this, because a lot of Shanghai dragon is to "SOHO" group, a full grasp of their own time, can be restricted by a variety of companies, said his method of this kind of mode only to find a batch mode, for example station automation, when you have a set of exclusive methods and their plan can remain unchanged: first you grasp the hands of high-quality station group resources, then either sell links or the chain optimization is to take advantage of this. Like their orders is not tired, the long tail of the single will soon make up, so hard every stage is Shanghai dragon only when you work the only way which must be passed, to understand their own future is right.

two, marketing Shanghai dragon er

The direction of

personnel requirements are generally experience operating bidding advertising, in fact, like Shanghai and Shanghai is the bidding advertising dragon Er can coexist, because love Shanghai since the phoenix nest system, even for advertising money who who is not a OK, will also pay attention to the key words the skills, then you need to grasp the marketing of Shanghai dragon Er, let alone on the train, the train operator Taobao is more advanced in Shanghai dragon Er, but they are not the engine for Taobao internal environment of the engine. So the marketing of Shanghai dragon must have a flexible mind. And the market is extremely keen sense of smell, find the "sheep" taste in the traces to communicate with others in accurately hunting, the general network for trading company Driving hand is a very preferential treatment, good prospects for the future.

, a Shanghai dragon.The

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