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website construction and network marketing is definitely one of the details of the winning work, continue to strengthen in the search engine user experience first now, maybe just a little detail negligence will make all efforts. We have enough reason to believe that the search engine in the website, and not all subjective cheating, or lack of quality content. As one of the three major features of cognitive website theme, site title has been plagued by users and search attention. Unfortunately, even so important and so attention, but many website title is not standardized. At least from the user’s perspective, not attractive enough, but also not conducive to the development of Internet marketing.

avoid similar website title only one way, that is summing up the content of web pages, and combined with the site keywords to highlight the headline writing. A website of the default page the site title is very important, generally with the keywords and company name. Naming method of sub pages as column or title in front, and then use the delimiter "-" the company name or keywords separately. For example, Shanghai website construction company pilot technology website home page title "Shanghai website construction | Shanghai website design | Shanghai network company – pilot technology", then the domain name registration website page title is "domain name registration – Shanghai website construction | Shanghai website design | Shanghai network company, contact us page is" contact | contact us – pilot technology ", which highlights the theme of the page, but also to strengthen the core theme of the website.

no doubt, the website title is the search engine to determine the theme of the site, an important basis to determine the weight and quality of the website. And the reasonable enhancement of keywords in the site title, it also help to improve website ranking and search engine will not incur resentment. But this does not mean that the site title unlimited add keywords. A few years ago, by increasing the keyword density in the title, and then raise a keyword ranking approach, now no longer work. Can reflect the website content, in the premise to ensure the site title sentence under the designation for reasonable implantation keywords, the search engine is more and more favored. The >

in the strict sense, each individual "has its own theme, which means that each page title should not be the same. But the actual situation is different, the whole web page title is not uncommon stereotyped. All pages of the same, is not conducive to search engine recognition of the web page, even if the search engine to these sites are included, is not conducive to the user identification. There is also a case, although the site on each page title, but most similar to the page title. To do this but there is no ground for blame, the search engine will think it is cheating, or that the page title is extremely similar, search engines simply not included.


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