is more common are: Baidu, bShare and jiathis share share share. Why is this in the first row? In the search engine algorithm change constantly, the role promotion before more and more small, and now the search engine, we all know that the search engine has a very famous algorithm, it is actually a voting algorithm by sharing tools to share is a vote.

forum to promote method is the oldest and most webmaster, mainly the use of signature on the forum, the general webmaster is to promote the use of signature, the theme was posted on the forum, leave your address space. So even on Management

currently micro-blog WeChat promotion can be extended second popular methods can save money and be effective, because micro-blog WeChat promotion, but there is a prerequisite for the number of fans is sufficiently large, and you must always stay in the micro-blog blog and face-to-face interaction and communication, so it consumes energy and strength really! That actually this also can be done, as long as you work hard enough, you can care enough.

on this topic promotion methods do Shanghai Longfeng common, basically belong to the degree of concern a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but has never been underestimated, with the popularity of the Internet and the rise of mature, large area of electronic commerce, more and more businesses begin to pay attention to the Internet, and network promotion is a must go through the process, therefore, today Shanghai dragon the sky naturally talked about it.

suggest that you have time to see "why your WeChat marketing will not effect" and "how to do WeChat marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises website?" this article two.

at present, there are many kinds of promotion way, the Shanghai dragon sky to do a detailed explanation for you:

can be said to be a soft Wen promotion method is the most effective and most popular, write original articles published to A5 or the owners of the house and so on some more famous platform, improve the ranking, included, the weight through the use of soft Wen contribute way. So, soft Wen is one of the effective methods to promote future.

sharing tools to promote

soft Wen promotion

soft Wen promotion can be very good to their own promotion intention into the article, so that the user can accept behoove promotional information, which does not have a terrible sense of exclusion.

forum community promotion

is the use of personal communications tools such as QQ, YY, MSN, QQ group, QQ group with other industries, when discussing in the group, and then appropriate under their own website, even using communication tools can not only make his friends understand the market can promote their own websites, shoot two hawks with one arrow. Why not??

communication tools

micro-blog WeChat promotion

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