Intel: how to "enterprise citizen" and the world economy "" MSN:windows 7 genuine activities focus on public welfare social networking platform MSN presents users love so we can see that the blog is not in the chain to increase enterprise website, but to convey a kind of culture, is a kind of communication as a corporate citizen participation in society, thus regardless of the final, qualitative sprocket is white hat or black hat, blog as a victim of culture have doomed the chain, we should not only focus on the Shanghai dragon company ranking, everything no matter how to use, which will eventually lead us to see the site will become "XX shopping navigation" "XX products", please. Blog leave a clean sky.

is, so the complete departure from the sprocket blog blog free original intention, characteristic greatly reduces the blog "grass-roots culture", from the beginning, the blog is a "close" way of communication for network services, so the blog is easy to use a blog website not only disrupted the blogosphere audio-visual, and the slightest mistake will cause the website cluttered, although the ranking is up, but the key words to blog and clutter will become a problem.

The main function of

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But I think

is not network marketing blog ranking optimization, but the website and customer communication way, every department of the enterprise can form a blog circle, improve the mutual exchanges between customers and enterprises will not only sell cold products, it is a pin of the corporate culture in business. In this regard, we might look at the foreign counterparts is how to use blogs to communicate:

saw some of the peers in the discussion of "Shanghai dragon use blog sprocket to enhance the optimization of the topic recently in the forum, it is to establish several data integrity of high blog links to each other, forming" blog sprocket "and so the last link to the main station, thus greatly enhance the master degree of attention, many Shanghai dragon this mixed together.

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