reality, beat you, Shanghai dragon is only a means rather than purpose.

is ranked Shanghai dragon standard, from this moment into reality. Ranking did not go up, instead of being punished in order to love Shanghai, your ideal, hard to hard, but your ranking is still not ideal.

Many people think that

learned Shanghai dragon can popular network, we can make money, their own business, what Taobao customers, what products, what business is not a problem. But the reality gave shattered his dream, if Shanghai is such an ideal beginner dragon, so this is actually a very wrong way of thinking.

ideal is full, the reality is very skinny

!What is the

is for Shanghai dragon interest and ideal

such as the author of a medical website, using the two domain names, beginning a lot of people are puzzled, why don’t you register a domain name to do optimization, two level domain name itself is hard to do rankings, you will fail to do so. Indeed, I failed, because the ranking has yet to achieve my ideal. Although I am short of failure, but my mind is not far behind. Before I wrote an article [inside the rapid promotion of the two level domain ranking methodology], in accordance with the method of achieving a ranking is not difficult, but the reality beat me, because I love Shanghai don’t love it, we have to fix the love of Shanghai, love is the need to >

Shanghai Longfeng most of the people are for the interest. Interest is the best teacher, so learn the Shanghai dragon, the ideal slowly becomes larger. The ideal person to the achievements of the Shanghai dragon, also Shanghai dragon also achieved ideal. There is a technology, out looking for a job, do not have to go to the wall. Although the Shanghai dragon in China has not been recognized by most people, but the enterprise cannot do without Shanghai dragon. It will have the advantage of Shanghai dragon. This is the truth, Shanghai dragon is the foundation, the foundation of network marketing. Network marketing is the first choice for enterprises to enter the Shanghai dragon.

Just beginning to learn

Shanghai dragon is only a means rather than purpose.


said there is beside the point, the back key. Shanghai dragon in a web site, often with a mission to do. With interest, purpose, mission, so this time, passion is surging. Is often a day of hard work can be, write non-stop, repeating the chain is happy, because at this time the Shanghai dragon has an ideal, the ideal of them are longing.

of Shanghai Longfeng people’s ideal? What is the Shanghai dragon facing

remember, Shanghai dragon is a kind of the most basic means of network marketing in it, Shanghai dragon will not to. If the Shanghai dragon is the goal, then do not play, then love will be more rampant in Shanghai. If you think the ranking is a kind of purpose, then I tell you very happy, you fall behind.

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