, love Shanghai commercial intimate redefines the search form, emphasizing the industry "search", through intelligent push to a search request in electricity, games, tourism, health care, education and other fields, to further enhance the user experience, derived from the sea love education, love Shanghai, love micro purchase Shanghai like other popular products.

PC search

Leadership Innovation

love Shanghai in the mobile terminal layout is not the first, but from the beginning of last year to force. On the outside, the acquisition of 91, including:

Abstract: love Shanghai to search for the low base, with large data, the core strengths of technology, overall layout, continuous innovation, showing strong leadership and innovation, and gradually establish their own health search engine ecology, will help in the future to better enhance the user experience and user traffic.

careful layout boost mobile search user loyalty highest

first, in the overall search market, the last two months, love Shanghai’s market share was 80.6% and 82.8%, steadily, to further consolidate its leadership in the search market only the status of the brand, but also love Shanghai use rate was as high as 98.5% and 9.1% over the past two months, almost full coverage netizens. In second of the 360 search market share in April is 10.9%, and by May, has fallen to 10.4%, with the gap between the obvious love Shanghai. Followed, Google, Sogou, soso Bing, points out 3-6. It is worth mentioning that, Sogou soso + share has accounted for 2.7%, forcing Google to become the market before three.

love at the same time, Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users is due to the promotion of business qualifications, the implementation of the official website or take the fake phishing and other fraudulent behavior by the actual economic loss to give the user support in terms of consumer rights.

it is because love Shanghai innovation, improve the search mode, making it more fit market demand, in order to keep the leadership in the desktop search.

today, the first quadrant released in 4 and May the search report. From the report, we can clearly outline the current domestic search market competition pattern and development trend.

in desktop search, the love of Shanghai is still in a strong leading position, market share is 83.6%. 360 search market share of second, 9.6%. Google, Sogou and Bing search market share was 3.4%, 1.9% and 0.8%. Love Shanghai for the PC side search can maintain leadership, with its launch of the Shanghai business, Aladdin, intimate love plan are inseparable.

second, Aladdin line platform, opened the prelude to love Shanghai search open cooperation platform. The main platform for the majority of owners and developers, they can directly submit structured data to love Shanghai search engine, get more valuable traffic, and users get a better search experience.

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