precise positioning, excluded out of order

most of the websites are facing a specific situation: I don’t know how to set the. Because many webmaster heart is too wide, a web site keywords to do more than 5, while this kind of website once on the flow must be very much, but the webmaster friends you have noticed that this kind of website is more difficult to do? Just correlation of website content hard to build, even the website column not a choice, for individual webmaster, we do not have so much time to add content to your site columns, so the website column is not possible, not more widely as possible.

six, web hosting to stabilize the awesome power and stability of


five, the website column to column

: the development of website and website are closely related, but also a part of the site circulation ecological system, we should do a good job in the column line on the site before setting work in setting time can be combined with the title, the title belt is what the long tail word then we set up a website in the column can be used also; need to pay attention to the difference in the set time, with a website similar to the website is best not to have, the website column page is not possible, if only one column in 2-4 is the best choice of the personal webmaster.

many articles are talking about the purchase of the host, for a web host for the parameters are not the most important, stability is the first productivity of the host, the host site stable only can make web site to play a greater role, a recycling eco system web host can be said to be the core, grasp this core can make the development of the website strive for further improvement, if the web host is not stable, after the user enters the site wanted to visit for a while, but the page open half a day or even not open, this site does not control how famous, regardless of the content of your site is perfect, everything is empty.

suggested that the host is the first productive site, no stable host development sites do not talk, we must test the choice of host when testing the stability test, the loading rate of the page, to test its Ping value, these tests are what we must do when choosing a host of things now. Reputable host many, indeed this kind of host host may look good, but I suggest you also the best person to check it, perhaps the only way to make the website.

on a web site to establish "ecological system to guide the ranking stability into the home (two)" in the article mainly study basic code and site outside the chain to promote the role of the two functions of the learning website can help establish a qualified search engine grab line, help the site more favorable but one cycle. A website only the content of these cycles is not a permanent solution, we also need to use more methods and skills will be the site of the circulatory system to perfect, a solid foundation for the development of the website.

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