super chain intermediary

more than three months ago, we shared the love of Shanghai super chain cheating attitudes and webmaster friends, after a period of observation and data accumulation, we are very pleased to see the part of the site has stopped this behavior and gradually remove the previous cheating super chain, it is very valuable to us the Internet is the development of the ecological environment; but at the same time, we are still sad that link behavior has been repeatedly emphasized here, still exist, we once again remind the webmaster, such links have been identified and calculated in the system has been cleared from the link.

is a site with many kinds of profits, the quality of the original content to attract users is fixed, the introduction of high-quality advertising resources, and even hold offline activities, the profitable way we are happy to see, is a site of true value. But some basic web content collected from the network, in order to sell super chain location for the students; some institutions websites or linked intermediary leased link position for sale, the super chain market bubble.

        network owners (admin5贵族宝贝) February 19th news today, A5 optimization team broke the love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm on-line, for sale in the removal of the chain link behavior based on the calculation, will make further adjustments to the site itself. Super chain link website, intermediary, sell buy links will be affected in different degrees.

dear webmaster friends:

2, sell link website

this adjustment, the following three types of sites will be affected in different degrees:


is necessary for us to emphasize again: link one hand affect the user experience, interfere with the search engine algorithm; on the other hand, speculative site enrichment, super chain intermediary real benefit, diligently do not have access to the return station is in such a bad Internet super chain. Therefore, for sale in the removal of the chain link behavior based on the calculation, we will make further adjustments to the site itself.


        the announcement is as follows:

the hyperlink on the Internet is relatively high-quality recommendation, is the content on the page, the website value between ordinary users and website, but now all kinds of super chain cheating making the real certainly become a stepping stone to seek benefits for some people, the user cannot link according to the recommended find high-quality resources needed, and serious interference the evaluation of search engine on the web. This is the formation of intermediary chain super super market chain deformity of the flowers of evil, we have the duty to maintain the chain of super pure safeguard the interests of users, also have the responsibility to guide the webmaster friends no longer spending unnecessary spending, so super chain intermediary will be in our target range.

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