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Do foreign trade products, many companies want to carry out the

1: returning to the origin, why the "link"


second: how to build their own circle of

we usually have to play like "social networking sites Sohu circle" type, such as love playing a game will join the game circle, love literature will join the literary circle, and love groupie love into their idol circle. Is actually very simple, a circle of people have a common love. On the one hand, everyone is a kind of person. Often release some information in the circle, of course, these topics are of concern to everyone. Love playing games online, may get some of their own proud equipment, love literature users might write their own log. I think we should pay attention to the following two principles: the use of Facebook to promote products

1, not the old whole productplacement: if you just add a friend, to send a letter of Short Message: "a certain product is on sale, more please login……" This disgusting advertising who will be disgusted, let alone see your website, buy your products.

Facebook social network marketing, but at present, such talent is really very little. Facebook can give your site to bring considerable traffic, but the use of Facebook to carry out the ultimate goal of network marketing or sales of products, so if for the value of the flow, I think that you lost the original intention of marketing. Before also registered a Fackbook account, you must use VPN to open the official website Facebook. How can we make better use of Facebook to sell their products? I have no experience in this field, the following is just an idea, but also hope the experienced people who write about Facebook social network marketing article. The author thinks that the most fundamental thing is to rely on the Facebook circle. How to use the

2, a deeper understanding of your products: want to rely on Fackbook product sales promotion personnel must understand the products, so as to your potential customers (assuming a circle all the members) when communicating, have something to talk.


wants to add more potential customers, first you have to find them, and then put them together "circle". How to turn? Is to establish several key maintenance circle, as shown above, first establish several circles, and then slowly add friends, one day can not add too much. 10 or so, plus the official website will seal your account. If you are selling a brand shoes, you can create some of the brand shoes circle, often have a lot of this circle, then you can go to the other circle "pull".

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