space is the best choice of independent IP, do not covet cheap and buy junk space. If the chain structure within your site, the quality of the articles and the chain are doing very well, but the space here to visit the slow ah, always closed, so the site’s ranking is not good, often appear in the IIS log in 503, there will be 400. Because of space reasons, do not covet those cheap, or they will suffer a great deal. Now many sites are for reasons of space, so the ranking has been not to imagine who do not love, often not open websites.

1. domain name

5. website

home page must be focused and original articles, in order to grab a spider. The best program can generate HTML static or pseudo static, is conducive to the search engine, the website of unnecessary code can be little as little as possible, would interfere with the spider crawling. The structure of the website to pay attention to the flat, the directory hierarchy is not too deep, to prevent the spiders crawl up, a lot of websites to good effect and nice use of FLASH effects, but the search engine is that the code is not caught, these we are free to remove.



no matter what we have is a process from not meeting, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is like this, also from this process in the past, so we as a novice Shanghai dragon ER should pay attention to what the problem? Today I come with you to Shanghai dragon ER Optimization Website should pay attention to the novice this is my own doing, Shanghai dragon optimization point experience:

4. external links

here is divided into three parts: 1, Links, it is best to find related industries Links. The PR value is only a part not all, but also included and snapshots. 2, go to the forum post with anchor text links and their text in some high weight forum to register in SNS. 3. have some blog, Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other well-known Web site blog users, give yourself a one-way link, must be high level will have effect.

if you have resources, can use the old domain name, the domain name industry is related to the best and you have to do, there are a lot of old domain name in reverse link, search engine is also recorded, which included on the site is very advantageous, so our website directly inherited the original site of the weight this, our starting point is better than the others, plus the domain name there are many of the PR value, we go to the exchange Links than to take a new station to exchange with others Links advantage of hate.

site update frequency is consistent with the original. Pseudo original can also, but don’t be lazy to go after ctrl+c crtl+v. We must adhere to update. The search is love fresh things.


2. stable and smooth

site structureThe

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