is engaged in talent network for many years, Shanghai dragon from scratch in the talent online, from single to rich, is undoubtedly the best way to reflect the change of occupation. No matter how the future of Shanghai dragon, at least in the past few years is gradually mature, but also gradually become a young people love the occupation. This is a mature, many hobbies to the real Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng work at.

just started Shanghai dragon basic is all powerful, from the website construction, website update, outside the chain, any soft with the website detached are responsible in the end, do most of the Shanghai dragon is a person. But with the Shanghai dragon mechanism has been found, the competition will become fierce. Single-handed combat has basically been unable to survive in the industry. Most strength and confidence in the development of the network company, have set up their own Shanghai dragon team, and according to the need for job segments, from the chain, Links Commissioner, editor to supervisor, Yigai evil. This will greatly reduce any want to enter Shanghai dragon industry novice, novice can go from one position to enter the industry and then gradually to understand the related knowledge.

just started back into the Shanghai dragon talent network, when the boss estimates are just heard this word, and Shanghai dragon is frequently advocated badly. Under the requirements, Shanghai dragon are included in the website administrator, "a class of design requirements. If there is a separate written word, is able to do the first words in a short period of time. And now is not too much to see this situation, the real demand of Shanghai Longfeng will reasonably and effect to write requirements.

go to the actual work requirements

experience is greater than all the

The position of

degree in this industry did not require any foreign language, except of course need this skill. All to experience line, especially there are examples of successful cases, the better. This job is relatively simple is where success stories are difficult to fake. You have done in the first case, is the first in the top 100 is 100 outside. How much weight, high flow, can be through the third party monitoring.

gradually subdivision

focus on industry profits

although the Shanghai dragon is strong and can do basic coverage of all walks of life. But because of some shortcomings of Shanghai dragon itself, such as the effective time long, part of the competition is too fierce, love Shanghai auction industry monopoly, some search volume co.. So it’s not any industry enterprises will choose to do Shanghai dragon. The stand of these requirements, to the heart, willing to throw money, mostly belonging to the profits of the industry. For example, the medical industry, cosmetics industry, machinery industry, foreign trade and so on. There are always some grey profiteering industry profiteering industry, want to enter the industry, can advance the understanding of these related things.

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