!But users!

Google is good, it’s exhausting, sometimes the most time of the day is not available. So, want to flow from Google there is not easy. No love Shanghai, independent blog

! Just build independent blog soon, met the record, met closures at the end of 09 at the beginning of 10, my independent blog at once without being spent more than three months.

is really easy, just after the tide, Google has a certain flow, lovely Shanghai, Sogou still not flow. Wait until I love Shanghai Sogou flow to the time, and by web, came to a horse, or one or two months a big aunt.

please look at my flow screenshots! When Google fan, my flow mainly from the old


when I have some Qiexi, taking unscrupulous to host renewals, take my space to hang a month. I was on a business trip, no time, don’t know. Wait until I know, in the space, all night! Independent blog recovery in the first few days, one day only about ten of the old users in the click, no search traffic. Later, the old users gradually increased, and I continue to do outside the chain, Google slowly restored included, has given me a new flow! Sogou, will be returned to some. Is love Shanghai, soso not to delay traffic. Later, soso also gave a little. Love is feeling soso shadow of Shanghai, even the search results are similar to me!! is this love Shanghai more than half a year, there is no traffic included! But the next day

I started blogging in 2006, first in the Sina blog, and later went to Shanghai and visited the love space, Sohu, NetEase, etc., and Tianya set up a blog are not well developed, can not get the official blog recommendation and without traffic restrictions. Up to dozens of hits a day! Eventually choose to give up, the establishment of the independent blog. Have your own domain name and space, can speak, write and play

love Shanghai traffic began to less, from up to six and seven hundred IP was gradually dropped to about one hundred or two hundred. In the last year of a "big aunt", because I do not understand the blog backup, recovery after a less than three in a month, three months at once disappeared. I had to re upload. As can be imagined, love Shanghai! Search immediately punished. Flow down to about two hundred. If the old user support, I am afraid tianbai ten IP have a problem! When everything slowly stabilized, IP began to restore the traffic. Google’s advertising revenue continues to rise. Because I do is a regular blog, basically are original, advertising keywords quite agree. Therefore, advertising click can be considerable, income is considerable

will decide on what path to follow? !

for technical people, is undoubtedly the crowning calamity!

I don’t understand this

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