Anyang Shanghai dragon in recent months to update the site optimization of the article is based on the customer (Quanjian natural medicine) website to share, I believe this station has been concerned about the optimization of the update of the friends all know. Today the sun again data not for anything else, just to give you a bit of encouragement. In the right direction to persist, the gold glitters

then today Anyang Shanghai dragon to share customer website for everyone why how large rank changes, I believe we still remember when we had Anyang Shanghai dragon at the end of March is just to take over the customer site to share a customer experience become the priority among priorities of Web site optimization ranking. If you remember this article, then Anyang Shanghai dragon can be very responsible to tell you there is such a big change in the ranking of key is the title of this article. If you don’t know or forget the content of the paper, can go back to see oh. The Anyang Shanghai dragon is an analysis of some elements in the website can let love Shanghai light:

Do you see the

from their own point of view is that you let your fantasies into a user in the update the content, write out the content to be useful and valuable for the best! Now in the form of illustrations can achieve the effect, if necessary can also add View >

second, want to improve the degree of customer experience must be from their own perspective

4 months before we started for the customer (Quanjian natural medicine) website optimization in the station for the public to share, when website optimization data changes will occur in the Anyang Shanghai dragon website to share with you, if you don’t understand this site first case can go to the station site in Shanghai dragon column optimization ranking carefully read the website case our customer data analysis.

!The so-called

loop in live content can read? Or that they immediately went to Shanghai just love a search and see the results now, there is no such phenomenon. Why is there such a phenomenon, how do "graphic" two characters in search results? In fact, I believe that everyone should know, this is what we today has been repeated in the customer experience". Love is like us and Shanghai ah, love Shanghai in order to help users find more valuable information or love Shanghai in order to survive in the competition, to improve customer experience for everyone here! What questions the customer experience is very clear?……

first, the site must have a clear positioning, otherwise don’t search engine spider crawling difficult, even the customer into the website you are touched with the website where where, in each section of each code and user experience are closely linked. Again the customer experience that I believe in, let everyone see an example will be very clear.

day! The whole framework of

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