cosmetics is used to make people become beautiful, then the site is in order to achieve the effect of "beauty". The so-called people rely on clothes horse saddle, the first user browsing feeling is very important. Including the optimization of web design, UI parts and product picture visual optimization. We browse the site a lot of young women, mostly with pink and light color as the main tone, UI components will pale hue. But when the contents of the product pictures have reflected different colors, showing different personalities of each product. While some of the site’s tone emphasis, but the contents of the product color light, also very attractive. Therefore, we can see that the product design and web images both as long as in the visual color forming the corresponding contrast, the first impression is good.

website promotion routines change, all cannot do without the search engine optimization, we are known as the Shanghai dragon optimization, in order to cater to the search engine, from the inside, how to optimize the site structure? Many people know that the structure should be simplified, it is best not to "the level of more than 3 layers, but you have not thought about, how to simplify it. That’s because you do not understand your product, if a company has 10 products, so many friends will directly think simply 10 products directly in the home and put a row of this structure is not simplified? In fact, because you only in the physical structure is simplified, you have simplified in logic and function 10, if the product directly in front of you, what would you feel, suddenly feeling confused, do not know how to choose, it may be more difficult choice disease we made. So if the company has 100 or thousands of products. >

if a single from the content of the web page design and product design between the pros and cons, we take the domestic well-known electronic business platform to carry on the analysis, web design color they are partial to "red", we are generally classified as pink, I am not here. One by one, another is "yellow" we put it into the orange department, on behalf of my orange department is self-evident. Whether it is pink or orange color, they are the main color of expression or less, it is actually more visual space for product design, product color to fill the surplus space to make products more vivid expression.

, a visual optimization

as the saying goes, specialize in. Several years ago, I mentioned the website optimization in the future more of the industry in an article in the optimization. You know, website optimization before, may be a fresh all day, but with the growing number of traditional industries and the Internet integration, structure and optimization of each industry slowly website has become professional and industry characteristics especially in cosmetics website. The following is to optimize the cosmetics brand website do website optimization aspects.  


two, optimize the structure of

No matter how

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