then the next push 56- Wang Baochen think the structure of the site is very important, in the past, most of the enterprise stand or some industry site, is a fixed set of ideas: company profile, contact us, product display, honor, news etc.. The structure of conventional businesses here of course 56- Bao Chen said that the station, flash or guide page is not mentioned, in the words of a "master", what reason do you have to do the flash website >

The structure of I believe that as long as The title of


I first mentioned is the type of site, why? A lot of customers or friends, they do not understand some of the vocabulary is not just a website or blog can do, such as nuts, or gold, silver, including 2 words some mechanical industry vocabulary, you will find these results page most are portal, or mall. And if you first determine a goal, to do this 56 words, Wang Baochen here to remind the webmaster forum must first analyzed the words belong to the type of site, and then go to the production site.

then followed by title or matching degree. We all know that love is Shanghai participle principle, but also have a saying called the whole match, that is to say you search words, such as: Zhengzhou website (www.zzbaoying贵族宝贝) the results page mostly covers the vocabulary of Zhengzhou website construction, this is the whole matching. Love the sea first to identify the title of a web site, word segmentation is in your higher weight first meet the matching condition, those with larger page segmentation we weight gap case will likely ranking on the home page. Of course there are exceptions: some seemingly gray industry, full matching can not be used before they met this thing.

is engaged in IT or website promotion friends, all love to study some "algorithm" search engine, the domestic research mostly comrades love Shanghai search engine, we can from various angles, analysis of various factors to "guess" what are the a site in the search engine ranking factors? Bao Chen mentioned in the previous article, 56 – 2010 Baochen King webmaster forum February came into contact with the promotion of the enterprise, mainly specializing in the station optimization, has more than 3 years, the operation of the 80 enterprises to station, this is 3 years, also saw many stations because the search ranking factors change, and they are not the change from Shanghai in search of love, finally can not find, but also see some "the bright younger generation" in just a few months time, the corresponding keyword ranking in the love of Shanghai The home page, and is still preserved, Bao Chen told you, if you are engaged in the promotion of friends, study better than our competitors, learn something new, it must be, well, no nonsense, get together to see Bao Chen now understand the ranking factors in the end have a fall in love with the sea who:

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