sources provided to Sina Technology screenshot shows, love Shanghai new home still uses a blue hue, the entire home only search box and the upper right corner of the "function" and "set" and "login" three entrance, but before the "news" and "Post Bar" "Encyclopedia" and "music" text chain have all been canceled, in the form of icon is folded to the upper right corner of the function of "button".

all products entrance is folded to the upper right corner of the

love the sea new minimalist home

but to the function must log before use, because love Shanghai login user ratio is not high, the significance of this version than substance. Love Shanghai at the time of function has not used the default home page.



love CEO Robin Li then said, this version of love Shanghai new home has three features, one is the service integration, will be used on the Internet, information services, integrated; two is the number one to use an account, do not need to switch, you can reach many sites; the three is a smart recommendation based on the machine learning algorithm and machine, the users want to intelligent recommendation information, service or application.

love Shanghai current home to begin from January 22, 2007, on the line for 7 years, in addition to individual character adjustments, the whole page pattern without any change, this is the love of a version of the longest time in the history of Shanghai.


love love Shanghai in September 2011 Shanghai World Conference released a new love Shanghai home, in the traditional search box, add navigation notice, real hot, new applications, and other four modules.

According to the Shanghai


technology news January 21st morning news, news sources, the love of Shanghai (170.14, -2.86, -1.65%) is a small range of testing a new minimalist home, the new home of the removal of text links, retaining only the search box, and various functions of entrance are folded to the upper right corner of the page.

love Shanghai home 13 years change review


love Shanghai new home input keywords effect

now Shanghai ciccas, this edition started from January 22, 2007

in 2001, soon after the establishment of the Shanghai love just a search function, do not provide services directly to users, but as a technology provider, Silicon Valley power companies such as ChinaRen, indirectly provide search services. At the time of the Shanghai love home just a business introductory page, show love Shanghai product introduction.


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