A: on the contrary to expectation, but

if you just do is one of these types of sites, from my point of view can give you a piece of advice: do not be too concerned about the amount of information, multi control network >

two: what type of website will be eliminated first


before writing this article today want to write for a long time, what kind of article is the writing significance! Also saw technology blog a lot, looking for some good direction, but more is the "heart rule of a commonplace talk of an old scholar", is really too little. In fact, presumably, human are selfish, so write those who are of course does not rule out the fur, occasionally found an inspiring article.

began in 2005 when the website, do not need what the original, every morning a key acquisition can be very good on it. Not nonsense, is really a slight ability to make money, came from that era webmaster all know. But now? I can’t see ten years ago, just looked at when the number of 2010 the website is 191W, then by the end of 2015 has reached 426W, it is now about 500W, this is not the mobile terminal.

why now stood less and less, and more and more enterprises stand? Because most people, has been difficult to stop the advance of history: the fate of all walks of life, the cost of living is more and more big, but has been difficult to take personal. Similarly, some type of website is so "survival cost is low, out of the greater the probability of

the number of sites, not only represents the fierce competition, it is representative of the huge "redundancy", even if we don’t, for those useless information to waste their resources, or more resources will be wasted. From this moment, the Internet site officially entered the "era of elimination".

for almost an hour, some think of some time ago to consult with my friends from Shanghai dragon often asked questions included: crash! And is included in the September crash. Today, on this topic, this round of share

: "there after the games, class, business class, talent supply, image class, trading" is processed in the integration of information in efforts greater. As for why I know it? Of course is to look at the data to speak. Of course, this is not to say that it is difficult to survive, but will be most filtered, retained some of the most reliable, professional, high speed website ".

like movies, music, novels of this type will not say, would have been eliminated almost, but now? September plunged more confined to some of the relatively low cost of publishing "sites, such as micro business website types, we look at the recent site, also included not ideal.

A surge of

is also reasonable

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