the construction of the chain will never be outdated, what now can not do the chain, it will be like K is shit, outdated garbage outside the chain, love Shanghai already.

Since the latest Google



SSL statement can enhance your natural ranking, caused a stir in the Google Shanghai dragon world.

2, URL simplification, not with parameters of more than

link building

3, abandon your Shanghai Longfeng formula, provide true and valuable content for

The parameters of

Shanghai dragon isn’t a good one or two is enough, you need to improve the health of Shanghai Longfeng many aspects, compared with Google’s SSL optimization mentioned, I think this is about the 6 most important rankings:

4, make your page as far as possible by the top, not on the bottom of the

!The main content of

first, the spider crawling is straight from the top of the page, from top to bottom to crawl the

1, URL standard

too much may cause the crawler to enter an infinite loop, resulting in weight loss of

Shanghai dragon

short URL user experience better, looks more credible

remain the only page of URL, for the love of Shanghai "and" a domain name domain name贵族宝贝 "贵族宝贝/" are two different addresses, so proposed the establishment of the long tail word standard, ensure the uniqueness of the corresponding URL keywords and corresponding page, contribute to the concentration of weight.

forget it, if you really provide valuable content for the visiting user, you can discard this formula, the user experience how good how to write

are you still doing so: 300-500 word, a picture, plus 3 to 5 anchor text, nature is divided into 3 sections……

More URL

so you should try to put at the top of the web page, or a spider to climb around a lot of pictures and numerous hills and streams, such as the DIV code, you can find the center content. But this time, if the content is too much, even in front of the spider will think than you really want to show the contents of the more important.

simplified help SE spider crawling, in the love of Shanghai official guide, are advised not to take too many parameters such as "id**669977?", there are two reasons:

so as to simplify the code, let the spider to grab as soon as you want to show the contents of the


but I want to say, no one method or change a piece of code, can help you save time and effort to get a lot of traffic in Shanghai dragon.

as practitioners, we are always looking for can help improve the method of keyword ranking, so Google so mentioning that Shanghai dragon Er are devoted to try new methods.

The content of

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