4, the use of online quiz platform: for example in Shanghai know that search a target keywords, there will be many problems associated with this keyword, and then search through the many related issues, and there will be more on this key problem, so the cycle of the long tail keywords available resources is endless.

can analyze the competitor’s website to get the love of Shanghai keywords tool and three party tools, but also on the industry forum, website access.

how to get the long tail keywords?


said the site traffic, many owners think only a high search volume, high index keywords to get traffic and weight. In fact, there is not the case, in order to obtain high flow, high conversion effect, can use the long tail word acquisition. The Xuzhou website promotion is small talk about how to use the long tail word site traffic.

6, the target keywords restructuring and modification: such as service counseling training site, according to area, grade, subject, cost, etc. the main keywords >

2, analysis of competitors: some homemade crawler grab the long tail word of the website came to heavy, screening, stored in the lexicon. Or use the love Shanghai index, Search Ranking these tools to collect and develop some long tail word.

mining, 5 through third party tools: some webmaster tools such as Shanghai love promotion assistant, love Shanghai index, love station tools, to expand the long tail keywords.

1, the use of search engines: these words largely will allow users to directly search, it also has access and conversion effect, but also the search drop-down box.

if only high index, high word searches for keywords, it is difficult to bring effective flow and a large number of enquiries to you. Such as "mobile phone", the keyword search volume reached 100000000, Shanghai love index reached "44, 742" such words, search volume is high, its ranking index is high, will be pushed to the home page, the flow is scanty. But on the other hand, this word will also bring a lot of information of competing products. We can start from the user’s point of view, will own as a user, to find the precise product, how would you search, search term will bring this effect. So, to use the "long tail word keywords" to enhance the flow of. Long tail keywords than the core keywords more sophisticated, focused search keywords, long tail keywords often in length is composed of 3-4 words. Some may think that the long tail keywords search volume is low, but how to get more traffic? But in fact, from a long-term point of view, the long tail keywords in optimization plays a more important role, optimization of long tail keywords can bring huge traffic, digging out the long tail keywords user needs is the way to have transport power on the road to success.

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