4. Look at the number of the web page on the first page? If you are a content page, then the key is very simple. If all that page, keywords have difficulty.

Please see below:


1. love Shanghai or Google index analysis. Look at the key words in the search volume fell in love with the sea every day and every month on Google search volume, is to determine the difficulty of the words, in my heart there is a price Shanghai dragon ER.


three, and the customer quotation details.

most of the time, a successful cooperation, from bargaining began, therefore, offer for buyers and sellers is the key.

believes that most of the Shanghai dragon ER is human as the offer, because we do not check the key data, and my heart is not assured. So, people need to look at those who offer key data

3. the first page of the last page website strength. The number of included quantity and check each other sites outside the chain, and the domain name registration information on time.

, an online quote tool query keywords.

2. see


A5 and

in the search outside to see many of my friends are in the share of Shanghai dragon skills, if the king cast sail to write Shanghai dragon skills, feeling is not a bit superfluous! So, today is going to write your own daily orders is how to offer keywords, keywords from the angle of how to offer hope to seize the customers? Help those individuals or small teams of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon


many Internet companies or webmaster forums appeared online keyword quotation system, Wang Shifan basically are tested, the best feeling, the most recommended or webmaster tools above. We compared human quotation result was very close, but it information than other online tools, lists around the keywords of the long tail keywords, index, included quantity, number, home site top ten web site analysis, the number of sites and the difficulty of bidding optimization.

two, artificially price.

said the details determine success or failure in the business field, the same is true. Every Shanghai dragon ER has its own bidding space, which is the lowest.

love Shanghai auction or bidding Google number. The auction amount is more, the higher the difficulty of keywords. The general look of bidding number every day is the best of the peak of the Internet, so that more scientific.

as a new Shanghai dragon, if you really do not know how to face the customer’s keywords offer, you can use this tool, of course, price can be less. According to the customer, or quotation number, this will talk about the specific.

The overall strength of the first page of the website

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