L-carnitine users a high degree of concern, it was natural to play on the network marketing attention, such as in sh419 search "s" in the top ten of all is the promotion, in all advertising can be seen everywhere in the L-carnitine for advertising, Lu Songsong in the blog shlf1314 AdSense show three link address among them, two are l-carnitine.

in the recognized technical threshold is getting lower and lower today, want to make products stand out, is undoubtedly more and more difficult. New products will always encounter homogenization competition, so the Internet entrepreneurs will focus their attention on a star product manager. These people seem to have a gold key.

weight loss can be said to be a very promising market, but because the industry is not standardized, the market competition is fierce, but this is precisely the characteristics of profiteering industry. Lu Songsong on the Internet checked, wholesale raw material prices in 15 yuan a pound, finished at about 20-40 yuan a box, and once in the hands of the final merchant, a box of L-carnitine slimming products in the price of 150-200 yuan. The power of network marketing is more and more big, and the competition of all kinds of high profit products will be more and more fierce. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a fiery scene as shown above.

this is a topic that varies from company to company. Almost everyone is exploring. Almost every one has gone through his own crooked road. Therefore, we look for some entrepreneurs, some of them worked in large Internet companies, their products become a pawn in the system; some is a former product manager, after the start was determined not to set the product manager.


L-carnitine changes within half a year on the sh419 index

Is the product system of multinational giants such as

Hunan satellite TV "Encyclopedia all said" in favor of a word – "L-carnitine."". With the hit of the program, the word is understood by more and more people. With the increasing concern, this slimming products, but also a sudden variety of products, from L-carnitine milk tea to L-carnitine biscuits and so on.


first step: choose hot product

whether you are doing Ali mom, shlf1314, AdWords or sh419 promotion, you can see a bidding ad: "L-carnitine."". The four strange words suddenly appeared in front of the public. Today I am not discussing how to reduce weight the effect of L-carnitine, L-carnitine to illustrate mainly through this uncommon word: a scratch of the product is how to do network marketing? And through this popular product, how many webmaster Likotu.

in the "entrepreneur" for the "investigation" system, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are mentioned from the transition to the lightweight small team needs clear product lines, increase the number of products, increase team, professional segments, there is always a time point or even a long for some time, will be entangled in the product system:

when we sold through the network products, the positioning of the product is very key, you must understand your product market size, target customers are willing to pay for your product, whether it is attractive enough for what you sell? And L-carnitine choices like webmaster caught a popular keyword in Lou Song Song Wen "network hot events after the formation" also mentioned how to predict popular keywords, interested friends can search.

L-carnitine diet birth and user attention

| Lynn

building a product system complemented by corporate culture?

second step: Web Page >

network marketing L-carnitine operating practices

but what we want to discuss is the product system, which is how to drive and execute the product through the architecture and process, or supervise the product manager and other product leaders.

is a new project settings for the project team, including designers, engineers, product manager, Wuzangjuquan, or to the departments to divide each new product line operations by the entire team, this is a very basic problem. Many companies use it to create some "public resources", such as shared designer teams and shared generations

what exactly is the product mechanism suited to your team,


from their respective product systems, we can generalize the following points:

has countless product managers in the Tencent. What are the institutional aspects that can be used for reference?

what do you need to learn from the Tencent, Facebook and other product giants?

, Facebook and shlf1314 too idealistic?

CEO should I be a product manager? How do I work with the product leader?

since WeChat for Tencent to play another beautiful battle, vice president of Tencent, Tencent Guangzhou R & D department general manager Zhang Xiaolong became the domestic IT circle of reds. Some time ago, he answered the question "what is a good user experience"? It was reprinted by many colleagues. In fact, "product manager" has long been one of the most popular topics in the world. From this position, the experience of product managers has never stopped.



as shown below, the search volume before the Spring Festival this year, users of L-carnitine is 0, but with the hit show, from the mid to late 2, instant search volume reached 30000, the search volume of 58000 peak, this is just sh419 index statistics.

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