content is king, the chain for the emperor of this problem is the disputes a commonplace talk of an old scholar for a long time, I do not think it should be said that content is king, the link for the emperor, first of all to know within the chain also can give our website ranking of the vote, the chain is the goal of promoting the key word ranking, this is a misunderstanding come, but some is why the chain, included many, new snapshot, website ranking is not very optimistic? Always go beyond the rank and confused me here to introduce my personal views:


third factors: the chain ranking must be very good? The chain ranking will rise? When, some time ago I have submitted the chain to quantity and quality, a high quality link than you hard post hundreds and, some sites outside the chain is not a little right Shanghai? Love related domain or even dozens of it, but the chain was ranked as steady as Mount Tai, may be their own "

ranking factors to do a lot, as many as 200 kinds of factors, I summarize why you can not go beyond competitors a few of them, purely personal point of view, for reference only, we do not pull that crap so much, I hope to help you oh.

is the first factor: the site is included in the search engine of the time, the so-called domain name age (exact age, domain name registration website) you did not build a website, but discarded there anyway, so that the domain name will have some advantages, but very low weight, website search engine to keep updating has been included, renew your domain name, it occupies a certain advantage, otherwise how so many people go to buy the old domain name do stand, this is also a factor of influence ranking, the old domain name to do the new search engine has been recognized, practice has proved that the old domain construction site is included after the seconds the next day, the snapshot directly, this is I do stand group of experience, I often in the A5 forum to acquire the old domain name is such a principle, when your ranking does not go on, you can query The opponent’s website included age, what is the time to start, but not necessarily can’t beat the old station, a matter of time, fell in love with the sea is not always the first

second factors: many novice blind worship site, some sites included hundreds of thousands also is not the same as not what ranking and traffic, and even rarely, your website is also a factor, but pay attention to the content or quality, whether to help users, how so many portal pages ranking than you well, don’t let a search engine will not related pages or junk content in the first place? There is some, but you can not see the long-term? By means of cheating, usually to the search engine harmonious off, remember that love is not SB to Shanghai, your website is not much, to be precise is the winner, some novel website are many chapters, so not to provide users a convenient opportunity to read? The search engine should not be put to the first of these pages included many go? Do not represent the rankings, included less representative ranking difference.

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