set of keywords, also have a certain scale. For example: in the setting of keyword and description, the more popular keywords is not set more better. Just imagine, if the keywords too common, many people want to get, then we all use the same or similar words, so words will be with others website keywords of your site, then nothing advantage of the weight of your site then this keyword set is useless, no meaning. The relationship between the size of the web site keywords and website weight closely. We believe that the external set of keywords, generally set up a core keywords or subject to, do not choose a very popular word. Keywords description can be set on the core theme, adding regional, descriptive adjectives. The core is the best site keywords often appear and site theme related words, second words around a core, and the best set of keywords, generally within 3, set too many keywords, will dilute the keywords, thus reducing the weight ratio of keywords.

header part, title, keyword, description, adding" theme or keywords, keywords in part, it is best to take the product before, after the company name in order. Description on the description website, can expand the modification of keywords, but should not more than 200 words, your keyword, or search engine will think of cheating, and reduce the PR value. Above is the personal shallow solution of key words, please expert advice, and discuss together. The original article, this paper from the 贵族宝贝greatekled贵族宝贝, please.

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Summary: in the "

search engine on the weights of the website, is generally taken from top to bottom, from left to right, the principle of habit. So "header text in the search engine weight is very important. The body tag page before the words search engine will be more attention, especially in the love of Shanghai search engine, which reflect the most obvious. Such as: I added a word "LED lighting" in the above website, and set the relevant links, through the search, often search "LED lighting" in love Shanghai, the website ranking. The importance of love Shanghai "in front of the text. Suggestions on the site the first line is set to < H1 > the title, this helps to enhance the search engine of the site’s weight analysis, then, for the page title, how much text search engine more attention? General recommendations in about 80 characters is better, can do the related modification, related to the title or keyword description second keywords, other parts of web pages also occupy a certain proportion, a page of 2-3 keywords, help to stimulate the attention of the search engine, especially the popular keywords, keyword selection can be up to Baidu, the corresponding keyword query related search engine noble baby’s popularity.

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