Zibing can share? Because Zibing with Zibing blog this blog to do better ambition to work. In the past every day outside the chain, Zibing all the time in the study and research of the methods and skills of the hair of the chain, even at the expense of my movie station to do the test, I do is to take every concern the details are studied thoroughly, and let you know what are the benefits of doing so. For the blog this down, even if Zibing every day is still doing the same work but will not feel boring and dull, but is in progress every day.

second do Shanghai dragon must have a global vision, it is not only a technology and art

Why do you like

after lunch today, a very distressed Shanghai white dragon Zibing asked: the future of our Shanghai dragon Er how to develop? I believe that many have done or are doing Shanghai dragon will think this problem, here, mainly for the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Zibing small white to tell you how to do Shanghai dragon can let oneself grow up fast, you have a good idea of what can the comments below, we talk together.

think we should first Zibing with ambition to Shanghai dragon as a simple

chain seems to be stereotyped, but there are differences between the high quality of the chain with the low quality of the chain in the. Most of the chain of Shanghai dragon Er hair for several years, but still do not know the high quality of the chain how to send, and a small part of Shanghai dragon Er through the hair of the chain was able to learn many things, and even become the authority of the Commissioner of the chain inside the characters.

Shanghai dragon absolutely not dull hair outside the chain, but not a simple web site filled, Shanghai dragon is a general term for optimization of the whole site, only need to do each link, Shanghai dragon’s results will be good, so that Shanghai dragon Zibing global vision is essential.


Zibing also listened to a lot of people talked about, that is Shanghai dragon does not make money, not the future of Shanghai dragon and so on saying, these claims Zibing disagree, that not only shows you the development of Shanghai dragon Huayibujing, I still say that can do Shanghai dragon global vision, start from the most simple the hair of the chain, the chain you must learn how to study the release of high quality, and the most basic construction site, your site is what structure? What is your website categories? Website keyword set reasonable? Website vulnerabilities and Trojan? Will you check and repair loopholes and Trojans and other problems? You know love Shanghai > New

almost every Shanghai Longfeng people have experienced every day outside the chain boring period, Zibing had a movie station, I also like this at the time, the hair of the chain is very dull and boring, but there is also a lot of skills can be found, which requires you to do the research of Shanghai dragon learn, remember, make sure you take to heart to work, never let yourself lost in the infinite chain of work.

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