1, appearance of the user evaluation of you this website is doing it professional an important standard, a pleasant site by a large number of users is no doubt.

if the domain name is difficult to remember, or web browsing speed is very slow, the user experience is poor, the user does not have the mood to wait for you to open the web site, it is easy to cause the loss of users, lose at the starting line. Of course, the speed is not very fast, only to ensure users to browse your site is not what obstacles on the line.

three, the website keywordNote that

website designThe

2 is applied, the user needs to understand when a message is not to reduce the click of a mouse click or not will be able to understand, this is the application of a good and bad feedback. If I were in your site for a long time did not find to see what I want to, then I will think you this site is useless for me, naturally left.

is engaged in Internet business, a lot of people have had the occupation is not a good idea, some projects did not go to the business, some good projects but because no operations lead to business failure. No matter what kind of situation, because the project’s rate of return in effect. There is no good project but not to venture is because I think the project rate of return is low and not to do, but because no good project operation cause of business failure is because the project rate of return is not sure, the result of. Of course, the project’s rate of return is not a fixed value, at any time will change, there are many factors involved, you see how to operate. The following from the Shanghai dragon aspects to talk about how to improve a project’s rate of return.

relates to the site of the beautiful degree, application, copy key description and presentation of information, following a detailed analysis of the role of some.

, a domain name and host


4, key information is the user is interested in what you want to provide information, and what information to impress users, and then to the information presented in the most prominent web site, so you don’t complete the work.

The precise positioning of

is precise positioning, such as you are Foshan local moving company, to make a move, your target customers or you can accept customer service are basically around Foshan or Foshan City, that you choose.

3, text description is one of a key, for example, there was a story that is two smokers in the church to pray, the one with the priest said, when I pray they could smoke, the priest said: No, then another person said to the clergyman, when can I smoke pray, the priest said: of course. The one thing the same thing, different ways of expressing the results obtained is different. So the copy description needs to be considered from many aspects, in order to attract the user’s eye.

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