first_imgIt’s that time of the week again, so if you find yourself in need of a place to go this afternoon we know just the spot. Join Russell Holly, James Plafke, and Sal Cangeloso for our third episode of Geekout,’s semi-regular Hangouts on Air session. It’s kind of like a podcast, but we do it on YouTube through Google’s Hangouts on Air service.Every once in awhile we get this crazy idea to do something other than writing. We spend a lot of time talking about the stuff we write about, so it seemed like a good idea to share some of that with you. Geekout is a really informal thing we’ve started doing just to see where it goes, and we’d like all of you to be a part of it. If you see something during the week that you want us to talk about, or if you want us to elaborate on a post we made at some point, let us know! Topic suggestions, comments while we do this live, and feedback after it is all said and done are a big deal. You can comment here on this post, on our YouTube channel, or on our Google+ page.This week we’re going to talk about James’ heroic adventures at PAX East, the SpaceX Dragon returning to Earth, and a little about T-Mobile’s new data plans and phone deals. We’ll have a few minutes to show off the Razer Edge as well. If we’ve got time, we might even talk about how much sleep we’ve lost to Bioshock Infinite. If you’ve got any questions or comments during the stream, we’ll try to catch them and answer them while we are talking.This week’s Geekout will be starting at 3:00 EST. You can catch the embedded stream on this post (coming soon), on YouTube, or on’s Google+ page. Thanks for watching!last_img

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