first_imgDell employees Bryan Chester and his supervisor Daniel Rawson have been arrested in Round Rock, Texas after a stupid marketing stunt caused panic on Monday in the offices of Dell.The two men setup an internal marketing stunt and didn’t tell anyone else about it at the Dell Round Rock campus. It was meant to promote the Dell Streak tablet and saw Chester dress up as a biker wearing a black mask and walk through one of the Dell buildings carrying two objects made of metal. As he went he yelled “go to the lobby”.If you didn’t know what was happening and has this man ordered you to go somewhere, what would you do? Several employees called 911 and explained the situation stating there was a “masked gunman” in their building. The police soon arrived and at first confronted Daniel Rawson who refused to comply and give information initially about who and what the masked man was doing there. When he did finally explain they eventually confronted Chester somewhere else in the building.As the police account explains:Essentially, a member of the marketing group (who wore dark clothing with a face-hiding, skull-pattern mask) held aloft small metallic items as he rushed through densely staffed areas while yelling “go to the lobby,” believed by many of the 400-plus witnesses to be directives under armed threat (as was reported to police). Teams of heavily armed officers swept through the buildings to locate the threats and usher victims to safety. Now Chester and Rawson are facing charges of Interfering with Public Duties and Deadly Conduct. Both men can consider themselves lucky no one was hurt as initial reports of an armed man escalated the situation to an “extreme risk scenario”.If you are wondering why the biker clothes and mask were worn, apparently it’s because the Dell Streak tablet can interface with Harley Davidson motorcycles. We have no idea what the pieces of metal were meant to represent.Read more at KXAN and the Round Rock Texas website, via EngadgetMatthew’s OpinionThis is one of the most stupid ideas I have ever heard. A manager decides to dress a co-worker up as a biker wearing a mask and carrying unidentified metal objects while yelling at people to go to the lobby. My initial thoughts in that situation would probably be that this guy is an intruder and is on his way to hurt somebody or blow something up.Chester is lucky on two counts. First of all he’s lucky that an employee didn’t decide to be a hero and tackle him, and secondly that he was not shot by police because Rawson failed to comply. Why he didn’t comply is beyond me as this was a marketing stunt and when the police arrive you do what they say to avoid further incident. If they had found Chester first they may have shot him.I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the staff in that Dell building now refuse to work with both men. I also suggest Dell introduce a marketing campaign approval process in future.last_img

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