first_imgIf you’ve been wondering why the relationship between the world’s biggest social network and the world’s leading search engine has been souring lately, here’s your reason: Facebook traffic has now officially eclipsed Google traffic in the United States. Whoa.The shocking revelation comes from analysis and intelligence firm Hitwise, who note that last week, for the first time ever, Facebook accounted for one out of every four pageviews in the United States. Globally? That’s 10% of all traffic.Broken down, the numbers are even worse for Google: Hitwise says that last week, Facebook saw 3% more web visits and nearly five times as many pageviews as’s been on track to outgrow Google for awhile now: Facebook has seen a 55% year-over-year increase in its traffic numbers. The only metric in which Google is now beating Facebook’s is in monthly uniques: Google counted 173.3 monthly uniques in October, compared to Facebook’s 151.13 million.What these numbers make clear is that, for most people, Facebook now is the Internet… and that’s got Google, as well as privacy advocates, scared. Google understandably doesn’t want most of the Internet traffic locked behind Facebook’s login, unavailable for them to index and spit out ads upon, which is why they’ve started going to war with Facebook, denying users of the social network the ability to import their GMail contact data into the social network.It looks, however, like Facebook has little to fear: they’re already the biggest internet site out there. With 55% year-over-year growth, Google’s only going to become increasingly irrelevant to the way most people use the Internet. Woe be all of us.Read more at Mashablelast_img

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