GeipelGjedinghansenHelbigRaluySabrosoWorld Hanbdall Referee 2017World Handball Referee 2017 ← Previous Story EHF Cup 2017/18: Pots decided, draw on Thursday Next Story → Vote for World Handball Referee 2017 until December 7 World Handball Referee 2017? Martin Gjeding and Mads Hansen (Denmark) Oscar Raluy and Angel Sabroso (Spain) Lars Geipel and Marcus Helbig (Germany)View Results  Loading …CLICK AND VOTE:WORLD BEST LEFT WING 2017WORLD BEST LEFT BACK 2017WORLD BEST PLAYMAKER 2017WORLD BEST RIGHT BACK 2017WORLD BEST RIGHT WING 2017WORLD BEST LINE-PLAYER 2017WORLD BEST GOALKEEPER 2017WORLD BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER 2017Vote for World Handball Coach 2017 until December 7

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