Rabat – King Mohammed VI will take in charge the hospitalization fees of the actor and comedian Abderrahim Tounsi, known simply as Abderraouf, transferring him to Rabat Military Hospital to be treated for severe breathing problems.The artist was hospitalized Monday in a clinic in Casablanca, where he was admitted to intensive care unit. His condition is considered “serious,” according to his son.“At around 3am on Monday, my father’s condition worsened suddenly. We were forced to take him to a private clinic. Even today, his condition remains unstable,” Tounsi eldest son told le360. “As soon as he was aware of the deterioration of Abderraouf’s state of health, King Mohammed VI decided to pay for my father’s hospitalization expenses,” he added. This morning, Abderraouf will be transferred to the military hospital of Rabat.

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