By  Hajar JannadRabat – As the Baccalaureate exams are beginning for Moroccan students, there are rising questions about the trend of cheating. Officials recognize the necessity to inform the students about its dangers and are looking for a way to eradicate this phenomenon. A Moroccan association for the rights of students is working to abolish the practice of imprisoning students caught cheating on the exams. The association urged the review of the restraining laws imposed on students, stating that “albeit the importance and necessity of the adoption of legal arsenal to eradicate and treat the cheating phenomenon, it will not be greatly effective, unless it is accompanied with educational, societal and pedagogical treatment during the schooling years.”Calls were made for the parties and the educational organizations involved to guarantee student rights be ensured by a thorough review of programs, methodologies, and evaluative systems, using new, effective, and fair pedagogical approaches.The association has also requested parents to help prevent their children from any unethical practices and to not tolerate them. High school teachers are also in need of extra security due to the increase of violent outbreaks during the exams.

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