Rabat – A new tension between Morocco and Spain has surfaced and this time over territorial waters. According to media reports, Morocco has requested the United Nations to reject a Spanish proposal to expand the maritime borders off the Canary Islands.The move will open the way for Spain to explore for oil and gas off the coast of the archipelago, the site of important energy reserves. Morocco reportedly sent a letter to the United Nations last week protesting Spain’s plans to expand the maritime borders off the Canary Islands on the grounds that the area in question is part of the Moroccan continental shelf and that is located where territorial waters between the two countries are undefined.The kingdom announced a year ago that it will assign a team of specialists to carry out the delimitation of its maritime territory.It is also reported that Morocco was considering the purchase of an oceanographic vessel from France to help in the effort of redrawing its territorial waters.Spain is expected to defend its proposal next July before the UN’s Commission on Limits of Continental Shelf, known as CLCS.

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