first_imgNkima Clan are the defending champions of the Bika bya Buganda football tournament. (Agency Photo)2019 Bika Bya Baganda Football – Official opening matchMusu Vs Mutima Muyanja St Nazareth S.S Kavulu, Mawokota  Saturday, 11-05-2019 @4:30pm MENGO – The Bika Bya Buganda organizing committee has confirmed the change of venue for the opening game of this year’s championship between Musu and Mutima Muyanja will not be played at Kitende.Earlier, the committee had communicated that the opener will be played at Vipers SC’s St. Mary’s Stadium but due to unknown circumstances, the game cannot be played there.The new venue is St Nazareth Secondary School in Mawokota Ssaza with the date remaining as earlier stated, Saturday, 11th May 2019.The King of Buganda Kingdom, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II will as usual grace the opening match.The change was confirmed to the media and the other stakeholders during a press conference held at Bulange Cabinet room on Tuesday in Mengo, Kampala on Tuesday, 30th April 2019.In the other first-round games, Nkejje will battle Ngabi Nsamba, Ngo locks horns with Kibe, Nsuma against Ngonga, the mighty Balangira will battle Nte and Njobe against Mamba Kakoboza.Ndiga will face Ngaali, Mutima Musaji will come up against Nvuma, Nkula with Nakinsige, Nvuuvbu with Lugave and Butiko against Nyonyi Ndisa.Kobe is lined up against Mazzi gakisasi, Nkusu with Mpeewo and Mpologoma against Kayoozi.Some of the teams that will be starting off from the second round are; Kasimba, Nyonyi Ngeye, Ffumbe, Ntalaganya, Kinyomo, Mbwa, Nsenene, Kiwere, Mbogo, Mamba Namakaka, Nkerebwe and Ngabi Nyunga.The venues and times for the respective first and second round matches will be confirmed by the organizing committee.The first round, second round, stage of 16 and quarterfinal matches are played on a knock out basis.The semi-finals are played on a home and away format over two legs with one grand final.The defending champions NKima kick off from the round of 16 stage.Like it has been the norm over the years, the King of Buganda, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II always graces the opening and closing matches, normally associated with massive crowds.The Bika football tournament is played only by the Baganda tribe people and it has been played since 1950 with Mbogo the initial winners.Mmamba Gabunga has won the record number of titles (10).First Round Fixtures:-Musu Vs Mutima Muyanja-Nkejje Vs Ngabi Nsamba-Ngo Vs Kibe-Nsuma Vs Ngonge-Balangira Vs Nte-Njobe Vs Mamba Kakoboza-Ndiga Vs Ngaali-Mutima Musaji Vs Nvuma-Nkula Vs Nakinsige-Nvuubu Vs Lugave-Butiko Vs Nyonyi Ndisa-Kobe Vs Mazzi gakisasi-Nkusu Vs Mpeewo-Mpologoma Vs KayooziSecond Round Fixtures:-Winner Njovu & Mpeewo Vs Kasimba-Nyonyi Vs Ngeye-Fumbe Vs Ntalaganya-Kinyomo Vs Winner Ndiga & Ngaali-Mbwa Vs Winner Balangira & Nte-Nsenene Vs Winner Mpologoma & Kayoozi-Kiwere Vs Mbogo-Mamba Namakaka Vs Winner Nkusu & Njaza-Winner Butiko & Nyonyi Ndisa Vs Winner Kobe & Mazzi Gakisasi-Winner Ngo & Kibe Vs Nkerebwe-Winner Njobe & Mamba Kakoboza Vs Winner Nkejje & Ngabi Nsamba-Winner Nsuma & Ngonge Vs Ngabi Nyunga-Winner Musu & Mutima Muyanja Vs Winner Nvuubu & Lugave-Winner Mutima Musaji Vs Winner Nkula & NakinsigeBIKA FOOTBALL PAST WINNERS:1950:Mbogo1951:Ngabi Nsamba1952:Mmamba Gabunga1953: Not Held1954:Not Held1955:Kkobe1956:Mmamba Gabunga1957: Nyonyi Nyange1958: Ngeye1959: Mmamba Gabunga1960: Ffumbe1961: Bbalangira and Kkobe1962: Nkima1963: Not Held1964: Mmamba Gabunga1965: Mmamba Gabunga1987: Ngabi Nsamba1988: Lugave1989: Mmamba Gabunga1990: Lugave1991: Ngeye1992: Ngeye1993: Nkima1994: Mmamba Gabunga1995: Lugave1996: Mpindi1997: Nnyonyi1998: Lugave1999: Lugave2000: Mpologoma2001: Ngo2002: Mpologoma2003: Mmamba Gabunga2004:Lugave2005: Ffumbe2006: Mpindi2007: Ngabi Nsamba2008: Kkobe2009: Ffumbe2010: Nte2011: Mmamba Gabunga2012: Ngeye2013: Ngabi Nsamba2014: Mmamba Gabunga2015: Mbogo2016: Nte2017: Nte2018: NkimaComments Tags: Bika bya Buganda 2019last_img

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