first_imgThe first vice president and chairman of the program committee for Ade Beda Omega Chapter, Clarine Simpson Vaughn, over the weekend organized its first Green Agents consisting of children under the age of 14 and adults to help clean the Monrovia Central Park.Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Eda Beda Omega Chapter, the first international chapter started here in Liberia came together on Saturday May 23 and picked up trash, water sacs, dirt, and swept garbage that had managed to find its way in between the gates of the Monrovia Central Park. Little children who were invited to the park to learn about environmentally friendly cleaning habits participated in the initiative with the help of their parents and the organizers.“We’re in the park cleaning it up and making the area environmentally suitable and restoring the playground. Our hope with cleaning it up and working with MCC is that MCC will begin to open it to the children in the community. If they see that there are volunteers in Monrovia that are taking ownership of keeping the playground area clean, clear of dirt and liter, they will start to open it up for the children to use, “ Clarine added.The little helpers wore t-shirts logoed ‘Green Agents’ as they happily placed leaves and other out of place items into garbage plastics.“This is mental health month and green symbolizes support for mental illness. It is also one of our colors, the other being pink. By giving them the name Green Agents, it means they are being agents of change by making sure that we are keeping our environment clean and green. We want them to come out and play and also see that it is there responsibility as well as the adults’ responsibility to pick up trash in order to keep the area clean and reduce the amount of dirt around,” Clarine added.It is the responsibility of all Liberians to keep their areas clean and Clarine believes that the unsanitary conditions of Liberia led to the spread of Ebola.“If each of us can make it our responsibility to clean our areas, it will make Liberia a better place to live and for our children to play,” she maintained.Meanwhile, the Sorority on the day of their event also donated an advanced reading room that consists of books, both educational and leisure, chairs, couches, tables, toys and baskets.“We have a reading room that Alpha Kappa Alpha donated in the park to make sure that the kids can use this facility that we know they are not used to. Maybe after playing, they can come into the room and relax while reading very interesting books,” Clarine added.Also, Clarine states that Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) has not opened the park to the public for many reasons, but one reason that is clear to Clarine is that there is no proper management of the park.“We told MCC that we wanted to launch our organization here at the central park and they arranged for the gates to be opened so the park could be cleaned. The gates are not opened to the public. The first time they opened it there was some unruly behavior by the people who came into the park. If they can make sure that they can handle the flow of people coming in, train the kids on how to use the equipment and leave it the way they found it, I’m sure that the park will one day be opened,” she assured.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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