first_imgHerrera: Start again with the absence of Koke. Strength in the middle, powerful in the melee and in the fight for the ball, however he was more inaccurate when he had to be in charge of getting the ball played. He failed to pause the ball in the middle. He left replaced by Vitolo near arriving at game time. Belt: Intense in the recovery from the right wing, put in a lot of trouble to the white back in the ball. It generated danger and left a play in the area where the auction was about to arrive after making several breaks in the area. He focused his position, until he started the second part as a second point. He asked for a penalty for a trip of Ramos. With the passing of the minutes his participation went off. He was about to score in the last two actions of the extension. It is pure electricity. Constant work, emptied physically. GIUSEPPE CACACE & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Correa, during the match against Real Madrid.GIUSEPPE CACACE (AFP) Oblak: Sure to tackle the auctions of Modric and Mendy in the first half. Double action of merit in the extension before the shooting of Modric and Mariano, the latter very close. He had two plays with difficulty communicating with Felipe and Giménez. Very attentive also in the lateral centers. Your ability to catch the ball without leaving any rejections in the area is gold. He continues to falter in the penalty shootings, where it is hard for him to hit the opponent’s pitch. He did not stop any of the pitches of the Madrid players. Trippier: He received a hard hit from Isco as soon as the match began. The Englishman did not have a comfortable encounter and lived to the limit of He relied on a play where he ended up finishing Mendy after beating his back. Fantastic shipment to space to generate an occasion of Morata gold in the second half. He marked his penalty. Felipe: He was not heavy to see a yellow at 27 minutes for a foul on Jovic. Very safe in the air game and intuitive to get ahead of the Serbian striker, it is a wall behind. Fantastic signing of Atlético. Savic’s entry made him go on to play as the left center. He completed 14 clearances, the one that more of the game bending to Ramos, the second that more. Giménez: Back to eleven after missing the semifinals for inconvenience. Well in his constant aid to Lodi, acting as a central left and falling a lot to the band. He had to go to the ground to prevent Jovic from planting hand in hand with Oblak. He had to face an extension after a very physically demanding game and left replaced by Savic at 97 minutes. He showed his frustration on the bench after being changed. I gave it: Unsure in defense with the entries of Valverde and Carvajal by its side. Madrid looked for him and Simeone was disdained in the band correcting his position. During the second half he suffered less in defense, but his participation did not increase. In attack he was shown in band as support for his teammates, although they did not seek him regularly. He left replaced in minute 87 by Llorente. Thomas: Participation with the ball in search of breaking lines, something he managed to find Morata at 20 minutes generating danger. Sometimes he risks too much and commits dangerous losses, but he is the only player in the middle who tries to do different things from behind. He got the yellow one in the 74th minute for a foul on Rodrygo. He tested Courtois in the 90th minute with a very distant foul. His penalty was guessed by Courtois, who cleared his pitch. Atlético jumped into the derby with the only novelty of Giménez instead of Savic regarding the eleven that defeated Barcelona. However, despite the fact that the team was the same, the starting pressure lines were much higher than in the semifinals against Barcelona. Atlético squeezed the exit of Madrid a lot, without allowing Ramos to leave with ease and a robbery, João Félix’s first chance came, whose shot was defective. With the passing of the minutes and without the goal came, Atlético was retreating over its area and the robberies were taking place further. In the end of the first part and in the second it was Correa in charge of starting as second point and João Félix on the right wing. Simeone moved the change before reaching game time to give vitality to the rojiblanco attack with Vitolo in the place of Herrera passing Saul to the center of the field. Like any final against Madrid, the game went on extra time with very few occasions, one of them from Morata against Courtois who did not finish well and another from Vitolo already in extra time. The ‘9’ was planted hand in hand when Valverde hunted him from behind with a very hard entrance that cost him the red one. In the penalty shootout Atlético fell again with the failures of Saul and Thomas. center_img Saul: Inner left, he worked in defense and in attack had freedom of movement. He tried to find a goal with a Chilean far away. He was not precise with the ball. With the first change, Vitolo for Herrera, he went on to play in double pivot with Thomas. There he had more presence, winning many stunts with white midfielders and trying to unbalance with game changes. With the entry of Llorente by Lodi he had his third change of position of the game, going on to play on the left side. Then he returned to the middle when Arias replaced João Félix. He threw his penalty to the stick. João Felix: More participatory at the start of the game than against Barça, he had the first great opportunity for Atlético taking advantage of a steal from Sergio Ramos in the front of the rival area, but his shot went too cross. An occasion where greater precision is required. Over the minutes he moved from the front to the right wing. It was a chance to punch the table and he didn’t take it. He lacked clarity when receiving the ball and turning and sometimes he tried to find the pipe and the beautiful action before the most practical. He participated in a danger play by Vitolo with a nice heel. He said goodbye to the game at 100 minutes, the last athletic change. Morata: At 80 minutes he did not score on a very clear occasion against Courtois, taking advantage of a fantastic shipment of Trippier into space, but his shot was easy for Courtois. He was the player who generated more danger and had two other occasions to try the goal. He tested his distant shot with a right hand near the goal of Courtois at 20 minutes and with a scissors in 106 that Courtois stopped. Valverde prevented him from staying hand-in-hand with Courtois with a very hard entry in the race and while he was on the ground he stomped on his head that caused him a huge bump. Batallador in the air balls, had a difficult mission with Ramos and Varane in their attempts to retain the ball. He could not reproach effort, squeezing Courtois and the centrals, but rarely won. Four changesVitolo: He replaced Herrera in the 56th minute. He positioned himself on the left wing to find the imbalance. He tested Courtois at the start of the extension by taking advantage of a pass to Morata’s space, but the Belgian came out victorious in his shot down. He had some very dangerous loss back. With the ball try to always look for the partner to attack by combining. Llorente: Change in the last moments of the regulatory time by Lodi to reinforce the midfield. It gave strength and was an important piece with its multiple aids to the defenders. Savic: For Cholo, the physicist of Giménez said enough in 97 ‘and the Montenegrin jumped into the field as a central right. He saw the yellow after facing Carvajal through the very strong entrance of Valverde to Morata.Arias: He entered the left side by changing the entire tactical scheme by replacing João Félix. It was hard to profile towards the less skilled leg.last_img

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