first_imgThe new club called Basamuk Kickboxing Club was formed by employees of Ramu NiCo based at its refinery plant.The idea of starting the club was initiated by David Pango, who hails from Erave, where the PNG’s renowned and world kick boxing champion Stanley ‘Head-hunter’ Nandex comes from。Pango, who is a martial artist himself before decided to mobilise interested employees of Ramu NiCo Basamuk Refinery, its contractors and village youths to go into kickboxing to keep fit and have good discipline and self-control in their individual lives.He said many a times mine workers after work retreat into their rooms and sleep without doing much physical exercise.“I want to instill the discipline of keeping physically fit amongst the workers, so we are able to live healthy and longer life. He added that another thing is that workers after spending time at their work place go to the mess and have heavy meals.“The club wants to encourage workers to exercise to keep fit and cut down on fatty foods and stick to healthy diet and do more physical exercises,”he said.Pango also encouraged youths from neighboring villages to join, however, he emphasized that the lessons and skills taught are not to be abused and used for beating up people unnecessarily in the community.Club secretary Jonathan Karato said the Basamuk Kickboxing club is new, they are appealing to potential sponsors to help them send a team to attend sanctioned tournaments in the country.Last month, Pango organized a trip for one of the club elite fighter Daniel Kawas to travel to Goroka for a tournament, however, the event was cancelledlast_img

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