first_img10: Well, I’m back! Whether you like it or not and I’m here to stay … Or until Mr. Broadus says hit the road!!9: Don’t believe what your eyes and ears are telling you, listen to me. The Celtics will win the East, not the Heat! Take it to the bank. BILL NEAL 8: I ain’t … that’s right … ain’t, never heard of any quarterback being pulled for the back up to run the 2 minute drill. There’s a reason he’s the back-up.7: Randy Moss, Kevin Garnett and Sean Hannity … Please SHUT-UP! (For you city league grads, Hannity is on Fox News) 6: Tell me Barry Bonds doesn’t have a back door deal. During the World Series … Hardly a word about him or the “Roids.”5: Where is the heavyweight division in pro boxing???4: But LeBron is a Bad Boy!3: Why is the Steelers’ #1 ranked defense never able to stop anybody with less than 5 minutes to go?2: Where are the “Big Ben” haters? Can’t find them anywhere. I told you after the first touchdown nobody would care.1: Maurice Lucas … “Luke” … “Big Mo,” “The Enforcer,” Schenley’s’ finest high school champion, NCAA star, NBA superstar, world champion, and more important than all of that, a really great guy, just a great guy.The passing of one of our own is never easy, but when we lose the truly great ones, it’s a little harder and sad when they are gone so young.Here’s to you “Luke,” the best of the best. Gone, but never forgotten. Your record will always speak for itself.Like Kenny Durrett, Jeep Kelly, Willie Clay, Warnie Macklin, Larry Richardson and the other great ones … “You start in the next game.”GAME OVERlast_img

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