first_imgOn this day in 1995, the first round of the first post-war championship of BiH was played.It was the first league made up of clubs from the territory which was under control of the Army of BiH at the end of the war. The league consisted of 16 teams, out of which five of them competed in the Premier League.Sarajevo, Zeljeznicar, Olimpic, Sloboda and Celik are clubs which have stayed as members of the strongest BiH football ranking up to this day.In the First League of FBiH – Velez, Travnik, Rudar Kakanj, Lukavac (today called Radnicki) and Jedinstvo are clubs which are also still competing and were members of the elite.Members of the lower leagues are then First League players: Iskra from Bugojno, Gradina from Srebrenik, Turbina from Jablanica and Rudar from Breza. Today there is no former first league Zenica and Zmaj od Bosne.The first post-war champion was Celik with 68 points, the second was Lukavac with 64 points, the third was Sloboda with 63 points, while Olympic with 20 and Iskra from Bugojno with 19 points dropped out of the league.Top scorer was Amir Osmanovic (Lukavac) with 26 goals scored, the second was Halim Stupac (Jedinstvo) with 19, and the third was Sead Osmic (Lukavac) with 18 goals scored.The first championship from the “A” list was judged, among others, by: Salem Prolic, Dzamal Calija, Sead Kulovic, Zdravko Ivanovic, Osman Bacinovic, Gordan Baltak, Mirsad Ibrisimbegović, Mijo Maricevic, Edhem Skopljak, Marko Mrkic, Davor Mujagic, Izet Cejvanović, Mesud Peljto, Besim Bajrambasic, Smajo Hodzic, Mustafa Tabak, Zijad Alic, and the delegates were: Franjo Bozur, Muhamed Begagic, Bozo Vidovic, Refik Tulumovic, Ismet Dzibric, Adem Jelaskovic, Aleksandar Vidakovic, Idriz Hrustanovic, Ekrem Sehovic, Sejdo Zukanovic.(Source:

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