first_imgB&H Representatives Ena Oruč and Iris Gudelj won gold medals and became European junior champions at the Open European Championship in taekwondo, which was held in Davos, Switzerland.The contestant of taekwondo club “Sarajevo” who performed for ITF taekwondo B&H representation in the competition for young juniors won two gold medals and one silver medals in the fight discipline.The current world champion from London 2013, Ena Oruč won the gold medal (black belts) in the discipline of full contact fighting and she won the silver medal in the discipline of “semi-contact”.Iris Gudelj won the gold medal in the discipline of “semi-contact” for blue belts, while in the discipline of full contact she did not win a placement.More than 1400 competitors participated at the European Championship in taekwondo.(Source:

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