first_imgColorado’s Big Gigantic have shared with us the first original single in over a year, entitled “The Little Things.” The dynamic duo, consisting of Dominic Lalli (saxophonist/producer) and Jeremy Salken (drummer), brought on the vibrant vocals of singer-songwriter Angela McCluskey for the vibey new track, which apparently came together in an ironic twist of fate.“I heard her singing on a Telepopmusik song that popped up on my Pandora station one day. I absolutely loved her voice and hit her up right away to see if she wanted to collaborate on some music,” Lalli explains. “We worked on a song a couple years back that we never ended up finishing and earlier this year, I came across the vocals again. They happened to fit quite nicely over this new song I was working on so we switched some stuff around, added a few lyrics and this new song was born!”The soulful, smoky voice matches this vibe-heavy track all the way through. Listen for yourself:The track is available as a free download on Big Gigantic’s website. Go out and catch their live tour this Spring:last_img

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