The call for Baidu’s Hi name was loud

recently came online, Guangdong netizens issued two major reasons for the strong demand for Baidu Hi name, post who have also given their own views, for the following reasons:

1. in the Guangdong area, with Cantonese say Hi is a very civilized language, and said that very vulgar Baidu ~ ~ ~ hope to seriously consider the Guangdong area, it is difficult to compete with Tencent, Tencent is Shenzhen after all, a better understanding of Guangdong culture…

2. and Baidu space "Hi" repeat, after all, is the two product…… read more

Webmaster don’t forget to check the links every day

Baidu recently in site a cramp, individuality signature ( station, see the collection included thousands of pages, while hundreds of pages, see my little darling "plop plop jump". Really test the heart of the station bear ability ah!


in the process of website development, to do friendship links is taken for granted, is also essential. Especially for new sites, the bad links for the impact of the station is not small, although because friends chain was K station, and no authoritative description. But experienced webmaster said it will have an impact. It is said that the search engine also explains, and will be implicated because of friendship links to the station. And because the chain case is There are plenty of people who K. The importance of Links I do not have to say, then do Links, should be especially careful. Don’t do the link after over every day, don’t forget to do link checking, found links to timely remove read more

Some ideas at the Admin5 forum selling stations

contacted the website and Admin5 this year, and learned a lot in the webmaster network. So there will be a personal website of their own.

website just started, also everywhere sends the post, sends ad. Do some general webmaster will do, is to hope that the site traffic can be higher and higher. Through their continuous efforts, the site from 0 to do 1000IP, so I want to do what kind of advertising, you can make some money. Put a lot of alliances, not buckle volume, that is, the unit price is too low, a month down, basically can not turn to what money. Thought I worked hard to do stand for a month even 300 yuan to do really is a failure. Then there was an impulse to sell the station. read more

On the behavior of marketing alliance advertising portal

today, the customer complained about the poor advertising effect, and then realized that the door had been forced advertising.

below is a bit of a feeling:

started from April through the portal space, my site traffic is in a portal bubusheng up. Thank you very much for the steady service that portal has been offering, no matter when it was three thousand IP or thirty thousand IP, I never thought it was slow.

for so long free, always hope that the door through the advertising union out early, but today finally came out, but not surprise, is a bit depressed. My website also has the lower right corner of the floating window, I have not seen the door through the advertising, until this evening the customer complained that the advertising effect is very bad, and sent a screenshot to me, I just know what is going on. read more

We study my road is bumpy

contact network is about 2000, when I began to have a broadband telecommunications, the local small game room after another began to put on a computer all day, students and some young people in and out, some day mixed games and surfing the Internet in Internet bar.

I have already graduated from college to work, the street to work every day to go through our county is known as the "game Street", the street after several years of development, from the beginning of the game to the computer Internet narrowband and broadband Internet access, and eventually formed a "bar street", has been quite the size of the street, on both sides of the "Internet cafes" have more than 20, all day long bustling, on Saturday at the same time in the Internet about five or six students and young people. Later I found out how many students and young people wasted their time and youth on this Internet cafe street. read more

Personal opinions on the operation of educational websites

first, I used to do the tests, test, examination and network education and other more than 10 related sites, the author of the other education and training sites are not the right of discourse. We also talk about self promotion and operation experience into the site, when the right to initiate.

1. Locate

according to the customer base

I first came to these sites, that the self examination into customers are students, the talk with the leadership of the company was informed that the self examination into the selection of customers, most of them are state-owned enterprises or large enterprises as a position, only to get a diploma or professional title or position, the second is part of the professional college students. read more

Free to quickly improve the PR value of the site

many webmasters believe that it is difficult to raise the PR value to 5 and let other websites actively link to it. Their only idea is to raise the PR value of their website by buying external links. Here is another free way to improve the PR value of your website, rather than by bulk software or buy external links to achieve.

1) submit your web site to the directory. It may take some time, if it is collected, it will at least your website PR value and reverse link to improve 70%.

2) write articles and submit them to professional article catalogues. There are many professional English articles in foreign countries. If you write an article, it will only bring you a very low PR value, because the new article is updated, your article will soon be replaced by other new articles…. But if you can write 15-30 article and submitted to the PR6 or PR7 article directory sites, the contents of the article, you can row in the novel structure, the front page of the site, so each article can bring at least 10 valid backlinks to you. This link will convince Google that your website page is an important site, and that Google might give you 5 or 6 of the page’s PR value. read more

Give a suggestion to a webmaster who wants to make a website for an industry

sharing is the source of personal webmaster progress, but also the personal stationmaster’s grave.

sees a lot of friends like to send soft Wen on stationmaster kind website, popularize their industry website. I know, the day of the release, you must have brought a lot of traffic, but I want to tell you, those traffic is completely worthless traffic, the webmaster will not buy your product, but they will COPY your model.

tells two real things.

remembers that he was afraid he hadn’t written a new article for three months. The main fear is, the last time I write an article mentioned that I had a medical website, and then it made articles "in the promotion of soft paper, because it is his station, so specially in the" bar to the set of recommendations, the soft effect is there, that give me the medicine Station with hundreds of people, but the basic is the webmaster, less than half a month later, I found that my recovery station was dead, I each update an article, estimates there are dozens of websites where I collected the day. I can hardly do it anymore. I have the individual collection station or a domain name, the weight is higher than me, the Baidu actually judging my article is collecting his station. read more

A5 security group MS SQL lecture memoir

Hello everyone. I’m the A5 security team. Let’s talk about MSSQL’s security, and I won’t talk about it any more. This patch is sure to be played. Otherwise, overflow tools such as sqlhello overflow.

here, say "SA". SA and administrator are the same. So it’s dangerous. If you use SA as your link account. Imagine it’s very dangerous. But if you use SA, that’s the case. Or organize intruders from all sides.

removes components such as cmdshell. Xp_dirtree and their DLL, xplog70.dll, and so on, have many components. Can go online to find DLL files, in general, those four. Xp_web what?. OA. Wait。 read more

Grassroots Adsense network entrepreneurship real experience sharing 1

1, the friendship and interests in the team should be clearly defined,

is one single-handed limited capacity, development team will grow better, but a team can not be built on the basis of friendship, friendship rather cultivate interests first, because friendship will drag in the days after the decision on the division of labor. Because everyone’s "embarrassed" and reduce the efficiency of the entire team.

2, thinking should be advanced, the pace of progress must follow

here is mainly to learn advanced thinking plan to do before, and immediately to carry out the plan early, we only need a final goal, a stage plan, this goal was not achieved before, it is best not to think too much, a creative today, tomorrow and a creative way not realistic, individual owners have several uncompleted website too common, but individual owners have a website are also many examples of the essence. read more