Moyes: Welbeck going extra mile

first_img Welbeck scored just once last season after having his appearances restricted by the arrival of Robin van Persie. The 23-year-old doubled that tally in the first game of the new campaign at Swansea before experiencing another lengthy drought, leading to some United fans to raise criticisms about his contribution. Manchester United manager David Moyes has revealed Danny Welbeck is doing extra training in a bid to make more of an impact at Old Trafford. Press Associationcenter_img Moyes is certainly looking for more from Welbeck, and the Scot revealed it was his promptings that got his forward doing additional sessions. “We had a word with him about a month ago and said he needs to be the last off the training field,” said Moyes. “Wayne Rooney is out there practising his free-kicks, his finishing and shooting from tight angles every day. “Danny needs to be out there, even if it’s 15 minutes at the end. “The young boys here are educated to keep improving and practising. Sometimes, without knowing, you can slip away from it.” The extra work appeared to pay off on Sunday when Welbeck scored twice in the 3-0 win at Aston Villa. It was a perfectly timed contribution given Van Persie is facing four weeks on the sidelines with a thigh injury. “He stood up without Robin, took it on and scored two,” said Moyes. “We challenged him on Sunday and said he needs to stand up. He took the bait. I think he said ‘okay, I’ll show you’.” last_img read more

Egyptian judoka sent home for handshake snub on Israeli

first_imgEGYPTIAN judoka Islam El Shehaby has been sent home from the Olympics after he refused to shake the hand of Israeli opponent Or Sasson after their bout.The 34-year-old was “strongly reprimanded” by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after his first-round loss on Friday.The IOC says his conduct was “against the spirit of friendship embodied in the Olympic values”.The Egyptian Olympic Committee condemned El Shehaby and sent him home.El Shehaby was roundly booed by the crowd and was called back to the stage for his failure to bow to his opponent as it contravenes judo rules.Sasson later revealed his coaches had warned him El Shehaby might refuse to shake his hand. The Egyptian had come under pressure from some conservative voices in his homeland to withdraw from the bout. (BBC Sport)last_img read more

LIVE: Kiprotich, Mutai and Kiprop carry nation’s hopes

first_img1512118Stsiapan RAHAUTSOUBLR2:16:042:12:04 1332890Nicolae-Alexandru SOAREROU2:18:522:18:52 842703Ilya TIAPKINKGZ2:19:192:19:19 373040Nicolás CUESTASURU2:15:31 442966Boonthung SRISUNGTHA2:24:012:24:01 982241Renxue ZHUCHN2:18:182:18:18 23097Galen RUPPUSA2:11:122:11:12 82680Eliud KIPCHOGEKEN2:03:052:03:05 112398Feyisa LILESAETH2:06:562:04:52 302992Atef SAADTUN2:13:512:13:51 93019Stephen KIPROTICHUGA2:07:462:06:33 72604Daniele MEUCCIITA2:11:08 1342804Sondre Nordstad MOENNOR2:12:54 562511Philipp PFLIEGERGER2:12:50 102144Marilson DOS SANTOSBRA2:06:34 1033103Jared WARDUSA2:13:002:13:00 903112Andrey PETROVUZB2:17:482:17:48 1012888Marius IONESCUROU2:13:002:13:00 142688Wesley KORIRKEN2:06:13 1002342Amanuel MESELERI2:08:17 62676Stanley Kipleting BIWOTTKEN2:03:512:03:51 1112332Bayron PIEDRAECU2:14:39 Mutai and Kiprotich will be the last Ugandans in action. Uganda is yet to win a medal. PHOTO IAAFMen’s Marathon final 3.30pm – Solomon Mutai, Jackson Kiprop and Stephen KiprotichThe Ugandan team in Rio is in exactly the same position they were at the last Olympic Games – entering the final day with no medal.Like at London 2012, Kiprotich is the throw of the last dice only that this time he will not have the surprise element. The surprise element could actually come from his colleagues in that race Solomon Mutai and Jackson Kiprop.Kiprotich gets a chance to join Abebe Bikila and Waldemar Cierpinski as a two-time champion in the 42.1km event.There were fears hot weather conditions could play a big part in determining who will take the title. The day started with rains, which is ideal for nearly all runners.Tweets about kiprotich 542963Saidi Juma MAKULATAN2:12:012:12:01 1442543Juan Carlos TRUJILLOGUA2:18:542:14:21 482553Gáspár CSEREHUN2:16:30 222964Alphonce Felix SIMBUTAN2:09:192:09:19 512585Kevin SEAWARDIRL2:14:52 822375Roman FOSTIEST2:17:54 212131Solonei DA SILVABRA2:11:32 52390Lemi BERHANUETH2:04:332:04:33 272559Thanackal GOPIIND2:16:152:16:15 282085Abraham NIYONKURUBDI2:16:332:16:33 182819Derlys AYALAPAR2:17:322:17:32 1482025Mariano MASTROMARINOARG2:15:272:15:27 312542José Amado GARCÍAGUA2:13:53 322007El Hadi LAAMECHEALG2:17:562:16:12 252746Rachid KISRIMAR2:13:472:06:48 492777Mynhardt Mbeumuna KAWANIVINAM2:23:332:18:25 John Akii-Bua – Uganda’s haunted Olympic hero (on page 2) Start List 242730Lebenya NKOKALES2:15:31 342150Paulo Roberto PAULABRA2:13:582:10:23 772030Liam ADAMSAUS2:14:592:13:49 1452218Víctor ARAVENACHI2:16:202:16:20 402991Wissem HOSNITUN2:17:132:16:35 1362459Callum HAWKINSGBR2:10:522:10:52 1492571Nitendra SINGHIND2:15:182:15:18 522672Mihail KRASSILOVKAZ2:16:08 1152763Ser-Od BAT-OCHIRMGL2:15:562:08:50 703119Luis Alberto ORTAVEN2:18:532:18:53 1542460Derek HAWKINSGBR2:12:572:12:57 422972Chin-Ping HOTPE2:23:262:17:42 852906Sibusiso NZIMARSA2:11:432:11:43 152577Mohammadjafar MORADIIRI2:17:41 123009Kaan Kigen OZBILENTUR2:06:102:06:10 192494Julian FLÜGELGER2:17:102:13:57 432762Daniel VARGASMEX2:15:542:13:06 1372605Ruggero PERTILEITA2:12:172:09:53 1263031Ihor OLEFIRENKOUKR2:13:332:12:04 672765Byambajav TSEVEENRAVDANMGL2:16:262:16:26 232755Roman PRODIUSMDA2:12:31 1432352Carles CASTILLEJOESP2:11:292:10:09 1212764Gantulga DAMBADARJAAMGL2:18:522:18:16 1242590Tasama MOOGASISR2:15:29 1172250Gerald GIRALDOCOL2:17:292:17:29 612356Jesús ESPAÑAESP2:11:582:11:58 1252022Federico BRUNOARG2:15:402:15:40 632866Ricardo RIBASPOR2:13:212:13:21 972734Remigijus KANCYSLTU2:15:39 1022868Chol PAKPRK2:14:112:12:26 ORDER / LANEBIBATHLETESBPB 293023Munyo Solomon MUTAIUGA2:14:572:10:42 1203006Ercan MUSLUTUR2:16:452:16:45 1402886Yonas KINDEROT2:17:31 932838Artur KOZLOWSKIPOL2:11:542:10:58 382484Daviti KHARAZISHVILIGEO2:16:17 202198Eric GILLISCAN2:11:21 12387Tesfaye ABERAETH2:04:242:04:24 752026Luis Ariel MOLINAARG2:15:23 332821Raúl MACHACUAYPER2:13:262:13:26 922314Mumin GALADJI2:14:362:14:36 792173Isaac KORIRBRN2:14:522:14:50 412823Cristhian PACHECOPER2:12:162:12:16 Share on: WhatsApp Pages: 1 2 802050Michael SHELLEYAUS2:11:15 1272732Valdas DOPOLSKASLTU2:16:35 1142707Jungsub SHIMKOR2:13:472:13:28 832739Abdelmajid EL HISSOUFMAR2:10:35 462567Kheta RAMIND2:17:232:17:23 992773David CARVERMRI2:18:202:18:20 1302582Mick CLOHISSEYIRL2:15:112:15:11 133079Mebrahtom KEFLEZIGHIUSA2:12:202:09:08 643003Bekir KARAYELTUR2:15:312:13:21 683129Cuthbert NYASANGOZIM2:09:52 472962Fabiano JOSEPHTAN2:17:352:13:24 1413043Ernesto Andrés ZAMORAURU2:18:572:18:57 1162655Satoru SASAKIJPN2:08:56 1392867Rui Pedro SILVAPOR2:12:15 723018Jackson KIPROPUGA2:14:542:09:32 602943Guor MARIALSSD2:28:492:14:32 452246Kamongwa Salukombo MAKOROBONDOCOD2:22:502:22:50 552940Anuradha Indrajith COORAYSRI2:15:192:13:47 652601Stefano LA ROSAITA2:11:11 572281Richer PÉREZCUB2:17:04 872817Jorge CASTELBLANCOPAN2:15:572:15:57 32339Ghirmay GHEBRESLASSIEERI2:07:462:07:46 782096Koen NAERTBEL2:10:31 1072708Myeongjun SONKOR2:12:342:12:34 882163Alemu BEKELEBRN2:13:282:13:28 1052313Abdi Hakin ULADDEN2:14:032:14:03 1062939Andjelko RISTICEVICSRB2:25:51 762724Mohamed HREZILBA2:18:402:18:40 962331Segundo JAMIECU2:17:11 1093128Pardon NDHLOVUZIM2:17:322:16:52 1102187Kuniaki TAKIZAKICAM2:30:26 162054Scott WESTCOTTAUS2:11:36 1123126Wirimai JUWAWOZIM2:12:38 592591Maru TEFERIISR2:18:192:18:19 742012Hakim SADIALG2:20:492:18:22 363124Jordan CHIPANGAMAZAM2:17:392:11:35 173035Oleksandr SITKOVSKYYUKR2:09:11 862060Evans Kiplagat BARKOWETAZE2:09:22 1132117Uladzislau PRAMAUBLR2:15:122:15:12 1222760Ricardo RAMOSMEX2:14:582:14:58 712330Miguel Ángel ALMACHIECU2:15:08 732949Christian KREIENBÜHLSUI2:13:57 622084Célestin NIHORIMBEREBDI2:15:042:15:04 352384Tiidrek NURMEEST2:17:592:17:59 1422851Yared SHEGUMOPOL2:10:34 1282897Lungile GONGQARSA2:17:152:11:59 1522634Methkal ABU DRAISJOR2:17:24 812853Henryk SZOSTPOL2:12:402:07:39 392220Enzo YAÑEZCHI2:17:352:17:35 912534Hristóforos MEROÚSISGRE2:19:00 Ugandans have what it takesUganda will field its most experienced team when the marathon starts.The trio of Kiprotich, Kiprop and Mutai have competed at the very top level for the last five years. 1182195Reid COOLSAETCAN2:10:28 1323033Ihor RUSSUKR2:12:46 42947Tadesse ABRAHAMSUI2:06:402:06:40 502588Ageze GUADIEISR2:18:542:18:54 1312916Ambroise UWIRAGIYERWA2:18:262:18:26 1352533Michael KALOMIRISGRE2:29:30 1472786Abdi NAGEEYENED2:10:24 1502554Gábor JÓZSAHUN2:16:532:16:53 1232219Daniel ESTRADACHI2:17:302:17:30 892930Anton KOSMACSLO2:16:23 942258Andrés RUIZCOL2:17:392:17:39 1383039Martín Esteban CUESTASURU2:16:42 1192728Tsepo MATHIBELLELES2:15:392:15:39 262098Willem VAN SCHUERBEECKBEL2:22:062:12:49 952647Hisanori KITAJIMAJPN2:09:162:09:16 Kiprotich has since London 2012 added the 2013 world title to his accolades, while Mutai  snatched bronze at the last world championships in Beijing.Kiprop on the other hand has finished 10th in the last two world championships.World champion Ghirmay Ghebreslassie and Kiprotich’s training partner Eliud Kipchoge will be the men to beat.Kenya’s Kipchoge has a 5000m silver medal from Beijing 2008 and a bronze in the same event at Athens 2004. He missed selection for London 2012 and then made the switch to marathon. He has been the outstanding road runner since then. 532641Suehiro ISHIKAWAJPN2:09:252:09:10 662584Paul POLLOCKIRL2:15:38 1552892Lusapho APRILRSA2:11:272:08:32 692824Raúl PACHECOPER2:11:01 1042223Guojian DONGCHN2:11:422:11:42 1082224DUOBUJIECHN2:13:162:13:16 1532091Florent CAELENBEL2:12:51 1292475Tsegai TEWELDEGBR2:12:232:12:23 582249Diego COLORADOCOL2:18:352:16:48 1462338Tewelde ESTIFANOSERI2:09:16last_img read more

How to Avoid being Eaten by a Shark over July Fourth Weekend

first_imgAs the Fourth of July holiday arrives, is there more cause for concern when wading into waters off Juno Beach, Palm Beach, Lake Worth Beach or Delray Beach this weekend?Florida is the state with the most shark bites in the nation. We are about to find out why…murky water, lots of people, Early morning and dusk offer the least visibility. Track sharks in South Florida waters here.Lifeguards off Juno beach say they haven’t seen a shark attack in years. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t shark sightings. Jon Cooper of Westin and his two children saw a fin in the water off South Beach Pavilion in Boca Raton.Only three shark attacks were reported in the state in 2018, according to the International Shark Attack File, a scientific database of shark attacks housed at the Florida Museum of Natural History.Though the Sunshine State accounts for 25 percent of worldwide shark bites, 2018’s 16 unprovoked shark attacks was lower than the most recent five-year annual average of 30 incidents, according to the Florida Museum International Shark Attack File. Only one shark attack was reported in Palm Beach County.In Florida, most attacks come from blacktip sharks, which are a little under 5 feet long and weigh about 40 pounds. If they do bite a swimmer, it is usually because the shark thought the victim was a fish or seal.Dr. Stephen Kajiura, a professor in Florida Atlantic University’s Department of Biological Sciences says, “We’re seeing more seals than we ever have before,” he said, adding that this contributes to the increase in sharks.While the odds of encountering a shark aren’t high, Kajiura still advises swimmers to be mindful that there could be sharks out there. Floridians in northern areas like Jacksonville and Daytona “where the water’s much murkier” have more of a chance of a shark encounter.And as the human population grows much faster than the shark population, more people will be on the beaches and the number of encounters will increase.“And you’ve got muddy water with lots of sharks that are migrating north and it corresponds to this increasing number of bites,” Kajiura said.Kajiura reminds Palm Beach swimmers to exercise common sense when entering the ocean. Early morning and dusk offer the least visibility.“That’s when it’s hard to distinguish between a little fish and the sole of your foot,” he said.Also, don’t swim near someone reeling in fish. “If you see a lot of bait fish jumping in the water, that’s probably a good sign that a predator’s there. Might be tarpon. Might be Jacks. Might be a shark. “You’re asking for trouble at that point.”Safety tips: Don’t wear sparkly jewelry, don’t thrash around, don’t swim near fishermenSwim in a group: Sharks mostly attack when alone.Stay close to the shore: The farther away you are from the beach, the farther away you are from help if a shark does attack.Avoid dawn or dusk swims: These are feeding times for sharks, and they can see you in dark waters more easily than you can see them.Don’t swim if bleeding: Sharks can smell and taste blood.Listen to full interview with Dr. Stephen Kajiura, a professor in Florida Atlantic University’s Department of Biological Sciences here.Dr Kajiuralast_img read more