Saint Mary’s continues admission tours despite new campus regulations

first_imgSaint Mary’s admissions will continue giving tours after new visiting policies were announced for the tri-campus community. Mona Bowe, Vice President for Enrollment Management, announced new restrictions for campus tours to help maintain the safety of students.“The visitors coming to campus are in a very controlled environment,” Bowe said. “They’re only coming for the time of the tour. In previous times before the COVID pandemic started, we also offered for prospective students to spend the night to meet with admission counselors, faculty members or coaches, and they could go to classes. All of that has been restricted at this point in time, so the families are only coming for the tour, which takes about an hour and 15 minutes.” The College has taken additional safety precautions to promote the well-being of the campus community, she said. “We are keeping the tour outside except for Angela and the library because they’re much bigger spaces. Visitors are not going into residence halls, the students center or any other indoor space. All the families that are coming to the tours are required to wear a mask entire time that they’re here, whether it’s indoors or outdoors,” Bowe said.Visitors are also being asked to self-report their health before coming to campus and staff is checking their symptoms upon arrival. “They’re being asked the same types of questions that students answer in the morning,” she said. “We haven’t done this before, but starting this week, we’re also taking their temperatures when they get here before starting the floor.”The College has told student tour guides they have the choice to continue giving tours for as long as they are comfortable. “We told students who have signed up to give tours that at any point in time, they can say, ‘I’m not comfortable doing this,’ and they don’t have to continue giving tours. So, these are the students who are comfortable maintaining their distance and wearing masks through the entire time that the families are here,” she said.Student tour guides have had some concerns about continuing campus tours after recent restrictions were announced. Senior Ellen Duda decided to temporarily opt out of giving tours.“I decided that once the restrictions are put in place, I was no longer comfortable giving tours,” Duda said. “I love my job, and I love being able to talk to students, but also if I were a student who doesn’t work for admissions and I saw outside visitors on campus, I personally would be upset. That’s one of my reason for stepping back a little bit currently.” Duda also expressed concerns about the risks of allowing visitors from all across the country to tour campus. “We have people from all over the U.S. coming to campus. That’s the beauty of Saint Mary’s, we have representation from all fifty states, but that also brings up concerns about where people have been how they travel to get here,” she said. Duda said admissions has been very flexible and supportive of student tour guides during this time. “They were pretty flexible with students concerns about being shut down and still giving tours. They said if we weren’t comfortable, we wouldn’t have to give tours anymore and we wouldn’t be fired,” she said.Senior tour guide Maddie Hopek has decided to continue giving tours, expressing that admissions has been flexible at addressing student concerns.“With the recent changes, a lot of girls had questions they wanted to ask about for their tours, what they can do, what it would change and they were really prompt on getting back to us with answers making sure that we felt safe,” she said. “If anyone were to feel uncomfortable, there was no pressure for students to continue giving tours.”Hopek said that she thinks the College has done the best they can to maintain safety during tours.“I think they’ve done the best they can given the situation,” she said. “The fact that we’re able to still see certain buildings, or just in general, still be allowed to give tours is important, especially as we depend on having a good size incoming class next year to keep funding this school and the place we love.” Despite the pandemic, Hopek said the tour numbers she has been giving have remained consistent for her this semester, although she only has two families per tour. Bowe said continuing admissions tours is the best way to make the admissions process as normal as possible while keeping the community safe. “We want to try to make the admission process as normal and as positive for them as possible,” she said. “We’re glad that we’re finding ways to make it safe for our community and the families. We are continuing to give tours and we hope that we can continue doing that as we move along.” Tags: campus tours, COVID-19, Saint Mary’s Admissionslast_img read more

Yorke: Benteke needs penalty break

first_imgFormer Aston Villa striker Dwight Yorke believes manager Paul Lambert should consider relieving Christian Benteke of penalty-taking duties. Yorke, who was a regular penalty taker for Villa during his decade with the club before a big-money move to Manchester United in 1998, said: “If you missed two penalties and it has cost your team – at Villa in particular because their results have not been great of late – if you’re a manager I would try to get somebody else on it. “As much as he is fantastic and the talisman in that team at the moment, if he is missing the opportunity you need to reassess. “He should keep practising but as a manager you always need to have (a second penalty taker). Where there’s a plan A there should be a plan B – Paul Lambert doesn’t need me to tell him that. “It’s easy for me to sit here and say this person or that person should take penalties. But only the manager can stare their players in the eyes and see if they are ready to take penalties.” Benteke has become Villa’s regular spot-kick taker, with that responsibility previously falling to the likes of Darren Bent, Barry Bannan and Gareth Barry – all of whom have left Villa Park. Yorke was also occasionally found wanting from 12 yards, although fans still recall his cheeky chipped penalty against Sheffield United in 1996 with fondness. The former Villa number 10, who was speaking at the World Travel Market in London where he is an ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago, said: “Penalties are all about confidence. As a striker you ought to be taking them. “You have to give goalkeepers credit sometimes. Press Association Belgium international Benteke, who scored 19 league goals last term, has missed twice from the spot for his club this season – once in the opening-day victory over Arsenal, and then during last month’s home defeat to Everton. Benteke nodded in the rebound after his spot-kick was saved against the Gunners, but his failure from 12 yards against Everton came when the score was still goalless. “But it is about confidence – if you’re scoring week-in, week-out and you can convert them with your eyes closed… when things are not going for you then obviously there is a downturn in confidence. “You want to do the right thing and when you miss your confidence goes further. “That’s the nature of the game. If you miss, you want to get up and take that next one. The only way you will do that is by practising.” last_img read more

Egyptian judoka sent home for handshake snub on Israeli

first_imgEGYPTIAN judoka Islam El Shehaby has been sent home from the Olympics after he refused to shake the hand of Israeli opponent Or Sasson after their bout.The 34-year-old was “strongly reprimanded” by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after his first-round loss on Friday.The IOC says his conduct was “against the spirit of friendship embodied in the Olympic values”.The Egyptian Olympic Committee condemned El Shehaby and sent him home.El Shehaby was roundly booed by the crowd and was called back to the stage for his failure to bow to his opponent as it contravenes judo rules.Sasson later revealed his coaches had warned him El Shehaby might refuse to shake his hand. The Egyptian had come under pressure from some conservative voices in his homeland to withdraw from the bout. (BBC Sport)last_img read more