Anna Regina Multilateral excels at CSEC examinations

first_img– aspiring civil engineer tops county, Pomeroon girl shinesBy: Indrawattie NatramThe Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School (ARMS) in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) has excelled at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, making it to the leading secondary school within the region.Copping top spot for the school and the region, with 15 Grade One’s, is Keval Lall, 17, of Anna Regina Village. Lall was elated throughout his interview with Guyana Times and related that he is aspiring to become a civil engineer.Keval LallBibi Aseeya MohamedAteisha BrandtLall, who is the son of the owner of the popular “Lall’s General Store” in Region Two, said that he could not have done it without the overwhelming support of his mother, uncles and siblings. He accredited his success to extra studies and lessons he took leading up to examinations.Lall is the third child of his parents and described his siblings as his role model. He intends to further his career at Nations University. His advice to those sitting CSEC next year is to study, listen and understand what is going on within the classroom. He also used the opportunity to extend gratitude towards his teachers at ARMS.Lall’s mother Nalene Lall attested that her son was always a well-grounded child and said she is proud of his successes. She explained that she knew he would have done well at examinations but didn’t expect him to top the county. The mother thanked the teachers for their contributions towards her son’s success.Pomeroon girl shinesAteisha Brandt, 17, of Friendship, Lower Pomeroon River, Region Two, has defined the true meaning of determination, sacrifice and courage when she received her CSEC results. Brandt attained 14 Grade Ones and 2 Grade Two’s, gaining the second position in the Region. She wrote 17 subjects at one sitting.She explained that the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) is yet to release the grade for Office Administration, the only grade that she has outstanding.Brandt who hails from the Pomeroon River travels daily to Anna Regina to attain a secondary education. She said although it was a tedious and expensive process, she is glad she did well.During an interview with this publication, Ateisha attested that it was the blessings of the Almighty that stood beside her throughout her five years of studies at secondary school.Explaining her challenges, she related that her study time was limited, since most of her time was taken up in travelling.“I usually start travels from 7:30 in the morning and rush for school, my nights were long, trying to finish my studies and assignments; unlike those who live on the Coast I had to hustle” Brandt related.When asked why she did not utilise the school’s dormitory, the ardent Brandt said that she wanted to study in a more focused and conducive environment, close to her parents. She stressed that the dormitory would not afford her the opportunity to do the things she wanted to do.She further related that she also needed resources such as books, internet and other necessities and the dormitory was not providing such.Brandt said she is aspiring to become a physiologist, but explained that for her to pursue an education at a tertiary institution would be very expensive for her parents. She is therefore hoping that she would acquire a scholarship soon since she would love to continue her studies.“I really hope my wishes could be granted in attaining a scholarship, attaining a proper education from Pomeroon is a huge barrier that requires determination and a lot of money, I really need a scholarship” Brandt related.Brandt was the top student for the National Grade Six examinations in Region Two. She credits her success to the support of her parents and teachers.When asked what was the most challenging of her studies, Brandt said it was getting to school, in addition to not having adequate internet access. She however said distance in attaining an education was not a barrier for her as she was determined to make the necessary sacrifices.Her favourite quote is, “achieving success does not require great might but a determined mind makes you achieve” the science stream student related. She advises students to continue to study nightly and to believe in God for their every success.“I always tell myself I would stand to the end until I achieve my secondary education, I never give up, I prioritise my needs and wants and I made it happen, I am proud and I know my parents are too” the aspiring physiologist said.Brandt is the 3rd of four children. Her favourite subject is physics and her desire is to continue to study so that she can eventually assist persons living in the Pomeroon areas.Her parents Samantha and Mark Brandt also extended congratulations to their daughter for completing her Secondary education.Meanwhile, copping the third position was Bibi Aseeya Mohamed who attained 12 Grade Ones. Guyana Times visited the home of Mohamed but was informed she is in Costa Rica on a scholarship.Her parents extended best wishes to her and said that their daughter wrote 20 subjects at the examinations and that Aseeya is aspiring to be a lawyer. In 2014 her sister, Areefa Mohamed topped ARMS as the best student.Headmaster of ARMS Lalljeet Rooplall extended congratulations to all those students from the school who excelled at the examinations. He also thanked the teachers for their dedication and extended efforts.Rooplall said that ARMS over the years have done well at the CSEC examinations with students topping the country. He said hopefully next year the school will make it in the top 10 for the country.last_img read more

PPP Commissioner “disillusioned” as GECOM sticks with 42-day C&O timeline

first_img– says full Commission’s 35-day decision subverted, should have been reinstatedOpposition-nominated Guyana Election Commissioners, who arrived at a meeting on Tuesday hoping that the decision to hold Claims and Objections (C&O) for 42 days would be reviewed, were left sorely disappointed, as a decision was taken to stick with that timeline.GECOM Commissioner Bibi ShadickGECOM Chair Retired Justice Claudette SinghThe meeting, which lasted for several hours, saw a vote being taken on the duration of Claims and Objections. At the end of the vote, a decision was taken to stick with 42 days, rather than the 35 days the full Commission had initially decided the exercise would take.At the end of the meeting, Commissioner Bibi Shadick described herself as being disillusioned by the decision. Shadick claimed that GECOM Chair retired Justice Claudette Singh gave her assurances on Monday that the 42-day decision would be corrected.“Interestingly, his (Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield’s) rationale is that because his timeline was catering for elections on the 24 of February, and the President announced March 2, he had seven extra days. And interestingly, he told the Chairman before he put the 42 days and the Chairman did not doubt him”.“So my firm opinion is that when the Chairman signed the second order, she knew very well she was signing 42 days, against the decision of the Commission. That is my firm opinion. And as far as I’m concerned, this is deja vu. We have another Chairman who is going against decisions of the (full) Commission, without the Commission’s input,” Shadick added.Meanwhile, Commissioner Robeson Benn noted that the 35 days should have been sufficient to carry out Claims and Objections. Benn also noted that the 35 days would be in keeping with the decision made by the Commission last week.“We have had the unsatisfactory occurrence where the Commission made a decision to have 35 days for Claims and Objections (and it has been changed). Originally, (GECOM Commissioner Charles) Corbin was suggesting 49 days, and then 42 days. The Commission decided 35 days, a decision I voted against (last week) because I suggested 28 days”.“To our surprise, the Chairman somehow signed an original order for 49 days—Mr Corbin’s number. That error was supposedly corrected, but then it returned as 42 days, not 35 days. We had great disagreement today (Tuesday) about this problem. It came to a vote”.According to Benn, it was felt that 35 days was sufficient time to give everyone who needed to a chance to participate in C&O. This was particularly so since the GECOM sub-offices would be open all day for this. Benn noted that the 42-day decision is against the record of the Commission from last week Tuesday’s meeting.However, Commissioner Vincent Alexander expressed the view that the 42 days and the extra time would actually be a good move. Besides the timeline for Claims and Objections, there were discussions about GECOM sub-offices for Claims and Objections.A decision has also been taken to have the offices conducting Claims and Objections remain open all day. According to the Commissioners, they examined a list of 41 possible sub offices that would be set up. This list, according to Shadick, will be perused by the Commissioners. It is understood that another meeting is scheduled for Friday, where outstanding matters will be dealt with.As per GECOM’s latest order, persons have until November 11 to make any objections to the list— if they are a Guyanese citizen by birth, descent, naturalisation or registration, 18 years or older or will attain the age of eighteen by December 31, 2019.last_img read more

Wednesday’s Chelsea quiz

first_imgTest your knowledge by seeing how many of these Chelsea-related questions you can answer correctly.[wp-simple-survey-5]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 Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Outsource Our Energy Woes to the Microbes

first_imgDo we need to dig for oil forever?  Do we need to fret and fume over energy policy as more consumers compete for decreasing resources?  What if there were a virtually inexhaustible supply right under our noses?  That’s what the American Society for Microbiology asked in a press release reproduced by EurekAlert.  “The answer to one of the world’s largest problems – the need for clean, renewable sources of energy – might just come from some of the world’s smallest inhabitants – bacteria,” it teased.  Why reinvent the wheel, when microbes already know how to get fuel from the sun and other readily-available resources?  Some day, the article continues, you may be shopping for some really cool gadgets for the home:Imagine the future of energy.  The future might look like a new power plant on the edge of town – an inconspicuous bioreactor that takes in yard waste and locally-grown crops like corn and woodchips, and churns out electricity to area homes and businesses,” says Judy Wall of the University of Missouri – Columbia, one of the authors of the report.    Or the future may take the form of a stylish-looking car that refills its tank at hydrogen stations.  “Maybe the future of energy looks like a device on the roof of your home – a small appliance, connected to the household electric system, that uses sunlight and water to produce the electricity that warms your home, cooks your food, powers your television and washes your clothes.  All these futuristic energy technologies may become reality some day, thanks to the work of the smallest living creatures on earth: microorganisms,” Wall says.The study of microbial fuels is in its infancy, and current products are not yet cost-effective.  But the potential is enormous.  Microbes already know how to make “numerous fuels including ethanol, hydrogen, methane and butanol.”  They can also convert food sources directly into electricity.    Farmers and gardeners can look forward to a bright future, too, once scientists learn the secrets of low-energy nitrogen fixation mastered by bacteria.  EurekAlert reported that scientists are making progress understanding how the amazing machines called nitrogenases work.  Dinitrogen molecules are the toughest nuts to crack because of their triple bonds.  Man’s method (the Haber process), used to make ammonia fertilizer, is costly and energy-intensive.  Somehow, nitrogenase splits these tightly-bound atoms apart with ease at room temperature.  If we can figure out how bacteria achieve this feat, and replicate it, the economic boom that might result – with benefits for solving world hunger – can only be imagined.    By the way, when planning your future biotechnology home, with its termite air conditioning system (09/21/2004), don’t forget the worms (09/14/2004) for clean and efficient garbage disposal.  No worries; it will be a cinch to order whatever you need from your spinach cell phone (09/21/2004).This is what science ought to be doing.  Millions of people are starving in Africa and Asia and South America under totalitarian governments or superstitious shamans, and all some American and European scientists can think about is how to fight creationism and push Darwin dogma down people’s parched throats.  Sir Francis Bacon envisioned a science that improved people’s lives.  To distinguish good science from bad science, he appealed to Jesus’ proverb, “By their fruits you shall know them.”  Solomon said, “Abundant food is in the fallow ground of the poor, but it is swept away by injustice” (Proverbs 13:23).  It’s time for some justice in modern science.  What has Darwinism brought us other than confusion (11/15/06), dogmatism (11/05/06) and genocide (11/30/2005)?    If you are a researcher or scientist working on ethically-sound biotechnology or biomimetics, God bless you!  Inspire your students.  There are secrets in the living world that can meet some of the world’s most pressing physical needs if we will just learn about them and apply them.  We are poised with new technologies to make a huge difference.  Look what the Christian creationist George Washington Carver was able to accomplish, and that was over half a century ago, before computers and genomes and nanotechnology.  Where are the Carvers of the information and biotechnology age?  Abundant resources, like acres of diamonds, lie all around us.  Imagine culling bountiful crops of healthy food out of desert sand, or generating non-polluting fuels from sunlight and weeds.  Imagine new ways to fight pathogens with biological tricks, to desalinate oceans and purify scarce water supplies.  Apply your intelligent design to the intelligent design impressed in living things.  Let’s get science back on track and make a difference.  Our microbial servants are there to help.(Visited 5 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Platform Tracks Dangers to World’s Historic Sites

first_imgcurt hopkins 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App As Discovery News points out in their coverage, destroyed sites are marked with black spots, sites at immediate risk of destruction (rescue-needed) are red, at-risk sites orange and stable ones are marked with green.So far, 40 of the 80 sites identified as rescue-needed have been supported with threat-and-planning support documents. Those sites include Great Zimbabwe, the old city of Damascus in Syria, Samarra in Iraq and Antigua Guatemala. The value of saving and stabilizing these sites is not strictly intellectual and cultural. An earlier Global Heritage Network report estimated a $100 billion boon in tourism dollars annually by 2025 could result from preservation of the sites in its database. 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout Related Posts 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… Tags:#art#Google#international#Location#web 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… The Global Heritage Fund has launched a web-based global tracking platform that identifies, monitors and communicates threatened sites in developing countries to scientists, governments and local activists. The Global Heritage Network brings data from Google Earth, Esri, DigitalGlobe together with social networking information to identify at-risk sites in places where the resources for such surveys are in short supply. last_img read more

Both the Heat and the Pacers Have Time to Rebound

As they approach the playoffs, the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat should be worried about their recent slumps, but probably no more than if these rough patches had arrived earlier in the season.In their last February game, the Pacers beat the Milwaukee Bucks — their third consecutive win — to improve to 44-13. They were a game and a half in front of Miami in the East, after the Heat’s sixth straight win that same night over the New York Knicks. Since then, Miami is 12-11, which is mediocre but better than Indiana’s weak 10-12 run, which the Pacers reached after beating the Bucks, again, Wednesday night. Indiana coach Frank Vogel had benched his starters, and his reserves pulled out a two-point win over the team with the worst record in the NBA.Up next for Indiana and Miami: each other. They play Friday in a game that two months ago looked like a preview of the Eastern Conference finals. Now it must feel more like a reprieve, a chance to face a struggling opponent.How far the East’s titans have fallen. But the historical record suggests that bad play in March and April, the last two months of the season, hurts teams’ playoff chances no more than earlier slumps do.Using’s Play Index, I searched for playoff teams that played an 82-game schedule since 1983-84, when the postseason expanded to 16 teams. That left me with 446 teams. (That’s 16 teams for each of the 28 seasons with a full schedule, except for two teams last year — the Boston Celtics and the Pacers — that missed one game.)I broke down these playoff teams’ regular seasons into two parts: the games through February and those in March and April. Then I ran a linear regression, seeking the relationship between each team’s playoff results and two variables: its overall regular-season performance, and whether it improved or declined in the last two months of the season. The result: Teams’ regular-season winning percentage was a highly significant indicator of postseason success. Every increase of one percentage point in regular-season winning percentage boosted postseason winning percentage by 1.4 percentage points (p<10^-15).But the timing of teams’ regular-season wins didn’t matter. There was no statistically significant relationship between a team’s winning percentage before March subtracted from its winning percentage in March and April, and how the team did in the playoffs (p>0.8).In other words, while the slumps aren’t yet distant memories for Indiana and Miami fans, they’re no more damaging to the teams’ playoff hopes than if the slumps had occurred in the season’s first 22 or 23 games.The basketball stats site similarly found no particular importance for the playoffs for a team’s March performance relative to its results the rest of the season.This doesn’t mean the East leaders’ slumps are irrelevant. If either team had won more games, it would have a big lead for the top seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs and a better chance at home-court advantage in the finals.Their late slumps also are unusual for teams as good as they are. Miami and Indiana have 53 and 54 wins, respectively, with a handful of games remaining. Just one playoff team in our sample with more than 50 wins had a losing record in March and April: the 54-win Detroit Pistons in 1996-97, who lost in the first round of the postseason. And just two teams with more than 50 wins were outscored in March and April. (Each one, the 2003-04 Sacramento Kings and the 2004-05 Seattle SuperSonics, won one playoff series.)It’s also notable that Miami and Indiana have slumped differently. Miami has been unlucky, losing close games while otherwise winning by big margins: The Heat have outscored opponents by about four points per game in March and April, not far off their season mark of 5.45.But Indiana has been lucky to win 10 of its last 22 games: The Pacers have been outscored by nearly five points per game, thanks to offensive woes outlined by my Grantland colleague Zach Lowe last week. That’s by far the biggest scoring deficit this late in the season for a 50-win playoff team in our sample. Perhaps the encouraging results of prior playoff teams don’t apply as far down the charts as Indiana has fallen.The table below shows the 50-win teams in 82-game seasons with the worst winning percentages in March and April, and how they did in the regular season and the playoffs. read more

Calderon Blame Perez for Madrids woes not Lopetegui

first_imgFormer Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon believes Real Madrid’s current predicament is the fault of his successor Florentino Perez rather than sacked coach Julen Lopetegui.Lopetegui lost his job on Monday after just 14 games in charge following a run of poor fixtures that culminated in the 5-1 defeat to Barcelona at the Nou Camp.Lopetegui was appointed by Real on the eve of this summer’s World Cup, which led to his dismissal by the Spanish Football Federation.“Unfortunately it’s another of the president’s whims,” Calderon said as cited by Forza Italian Football. “If he was the right man in June, only four months ago, he cannot be unfit now.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.“He signed him just two days before the World Cup started, so damaging our national team and now he’s sacking him. So that’s the problem, I think he (Lopetegui) is not the one to be blamed.“That has been the main trouble, to transfer Cristiano in June has been a historic mistake and we are paying for that now.”Conte and Roberto Martinez are the likely candidates set to take over at the Bernabeu.last_img read more