For Pat Croce, Ocean City is All About Family

first_imgIf you have been around Ocean City long enough, you likely will recognize Pat Croce as a fixture throughout town. He has several business interests in the area including Pirate Island Golf, Congo Falls Golf and Greate Bay Country Club, Pat has become one of Ocean City’s most well-known Summer residents. His roots in Ocean City formed from a very early age.“My parents brought us down to Ocean City as kids and I just always loved it here” exclaimed Croce “I would come back here and spend the summers as a college kid working jobs painting houses and I was a bouncer at the famous Dunes ‘Til Dawn back in the day.”While Croce’s entrepreneurial drive and ambition lead him to great success, including famously owning the Philadelphia 76ers, Pat’s love for Ocean City has always remained fully intact.“My wife, Diane, and I took our grandchildren up to the boardwalk last year and we put them on the same rides we put our children on. It’s as if that moment in time stood still. It felt exactly the same way it did years ago, I don’t think there is anywhere else in the world that you can get that feeling. “Pat’s connection to Ocean City is evident to all those who have had the pleasure to meet him “He would come in to my deli all the time and everyone looked forward to seeing him” said Steve Dyjak, the owner of Ceil’s Deli formerly on Battersea Road from 1987-1998 “Every time he would come in, I spoke to him and felt motivated. Pat has an amazing presence and is genuinely a good guy”While Pat has taken a step back from being as involved in his daily business operations, he always looks forward to heading down to Ocean City. “For me, Ocean City is and always will be about family. It’s a special place and there is nowhere else like it in the world.”last_img read more

Hotel Chocolat expands international presence

first_imgHotel Chocolat, the upmarket confectioner, is opening two stores in Copenhagen this summer.The company will also open its first Hong Kong store at the end of this year.Hotel Chocolat opened its first store in Copenhagen, Denmark at the end of 2012 under its Roast & Conch format. The new sites will be at the airport and in an affluent northern suburb.“It is a very sophisticated city and has a great reputation for food,” said chief executive Angus Thirlwell. “We knew we’d have quite a bit to do to win over the locals, but we’re really pleased with the response and now have a good following there.”The brand offers a full range of coffee, hot chocolate of different flavours as well as a daily-changing patisserie menu. Following the departure of Darren Williams to French baker Paul, Hotel Chocolat is also looking for a new head of retail. Until a permanent replacement can be found, international director Roger Williams will manage the UK store estate.last_img read more

What’s On Our Playlist Right Now

first_imgFor any true music lover, there is a constant flow of new music being released on what seems to be almost a daily basis. At times, it can be hard to keep up and keep track of which artists have put out new spins for fans to listen to. With the current release format constantly changing, and many artists opting to release singles over the course of a few months, or drop an EP rather than a full album, it’s enough to keep the most ardent of fans busy ’round the clock.Recently, there has a number of interesting listens from well-known artists, and those in which you might only be hearing of for the first time. We decided to highlight a few of those artists that have been on our playlist over the last few weeks for you to check out at your own discretion. Take a listen and enjoy (hopefully)!Khruangbin – “Maria Tambien”The Texas-based trio is back at it with some new music. “Maria También” features Middle Eastern influences, with the the video for the track showcasing Iranian female artists that were pushing creativity and freedom of expression prior to the Revolution of 1979. The freedom fighters were subsequently exiled or silenced post-revolution, and Khruangbin are going and making sure these revolutionaries are not forgotten.[via Night Time Stories]Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – “Doc”A funky, horn-heavy number the band has dubbed “Doc.” The upbeat and rollicking song shows Pigeons at their finest, with the energy of the Baltimore, MD-based acts high-octane performances perfectly translated in the tune. Guitarist Jeremy Schon explained the backstory of the track, as it being a dedication to one of the band’s earliest and most outspoken fans, “Doc’s a wildfire whose never-quit attitude deserved to be immortalized on Pizazz with blazing horns, scorching solos, and the love for ‘beats and funky psychedelia.’” Pigeons Playing Ping Pong just released their latest album Pizazz in October to rave reviews.[via Spotify]Makthaverskan “Comfort” Melodic guitars a la The Police or The Cure and catchy 80’s pop vocals prevail with this quartet from Gothenburg, Sweden. There is some seriously incredible music coming out of Scandinavia at the moment, it would be prudent to keep an ear out for what is making its way from the other side of the pond. Makthaverskan just released their latest album, III, back in October and it is starting to get a lot of spins for a very good reason.[via Run For Cover Records]Of Clocks And Clouds “Burn A Hole Pt. 2”This Brooklyn-based trio blends the electronic and rock genres seamlessly into a psychedelic dreamscape. Of Clocks and Clouds is definitely a sonic force worth the experience, and has the potential to make a serious run at the big time. No joke.[via Of Clocks And Clouds]Björk “The Gate”The first single from her forthcoming album, Björk continues to prove why she is one of the most creative, innovative, and emotive artists that has ever graced this Earth. When describing her latest work, the Icelandic goddess explained, “this new album is about a love that’s even greater. [I]t’s about rediscovering love—but in a spiritual way, for lack of a better word.” She continues to impress forty years into what has been an iconic career of always seeking to push the boundaries of art and human existence.[via NOWNESS]Black Pistol Fire “Lost Cause”From their latest album, Deadbeat Graffiti (which was released in September), this Toronto, Canada duo is quickly ascending the ranks. With high-octane rock and plenty of grit, Black Pistol Fire is a name you will be hearing about for years to come. They just came through Colorado for a two-night run at Globe Hall and BellyUp Aspen that rocked the Rockies. Check out our latest feature on BellyUp Aspen here.[via Spotify]Borahm Lee “The Shaman”Downtempo and synthed-out hypnotic grooves are delivered straight to your inner ear canal from the Break Science/Pretty Lights Live Band keyboardist and producer. Lee recently debuted a group dubbed J.E.D.I. – Jazz Electronic Dance Improvisation – with drummer Aaron Johnston (Brazilian Girls), saxophonist Ryan Zoidis (Lettuce/Shady Horns), and bassist Nate Edgar (The Nth Power) with a 3-night run in the Northeast in Philly, NYC, and Albany – check out a recap and video from the Philly show here.“The Shaman”[via Soundcloud]Louis Cato “Down For You”Louis Cato‘s skills are showcased on The Late Night with Stephen Colbert on a nightly basis as part of John Batiste’s house band Stay Human, but the multi-instrumentalist is literally one of the most versatile musicians in the world today. You may not be familiar with Cato yet, but you should be. The Portugal-born, former Berklee College of Music student has recorded and toured with heavy hitters such as Snarky Puppy, John Scofield, Marcus Miller, David Sanborn, John Legend, Beyonce, and Q-Tip for several very good reasons. With the recent release of his first solo album, Starting Now (Nov. 17th release), the world finally gets pure, unadulterated Cato. He just played a record release show at NYC’s at Rockwood Music Hall. This is an album you won’t want to sleep on.[via Soundcloud]last_img read more

The struggle for democracy in the Muslim world

first_imgThat timeless saying of Winston Churchill, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others,” framed a day-long discussion on the question of “What’s wrong with democracy?” The program was presented on April 12 by the Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program of ClassACT HR73 and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. The purpose of the assembly was to investigate the barriers to effective leadership in the Muslim world and to discuss potential solutions.ClassACT is a non-profit organization founded by members of the Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1973 to address important local, national, and international issues by initiating and supporting positive change. One class member was Benazir Bhutto, who was prime minister of Pakistan when she was tragically assassinated in 2007. To honor her memory, ClassACT established the Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program (BBLP) to address critical leadership issues in predominantly Muslim countries.Among the 10 panelists at the event were two BBLP fellows from Pakistan: Roohi Abdullah and Natasha Jehangir Khan, whose Edward S. Mason Fellowships at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government are supported by BBLP. Two other panelists were members of the Class of 1973: Roger Myerson, who in 2007 was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in economic sciences and is currently the David L. Pearson Distinguished Service Professor of Global Conflict Studies at the University of Chicago; and award-winning journalist Sylvester Monroe, now a senior fellow at USC’s Annenberg Center of Communications Leadership and Policy.A full account of the discussion can be found at the ClassACT website. Read Full Storylast_img read more

How Cybersecurity Can Unite the CFO and CIO

first_imgIn my previous blog, I shared some thoughts about why a strong CFO-CIO collaboration is the key to success in the digital world. With five new types of cyberthreats popping up every second, business success is about more than just innovation and growth. It is also about protecting the company’s intellectual property, reputation and shareholder value – and this means incorporating a comprehensive security strategy.Even though CFOs fully understand the reality of cyberthreats and they have witnessed the financial and reputational impact of attacks, they don’t always recognize the need for their involvement in a cybersecurity strategy. But, here again, it is the joint responsibility of the CFO and the CIO to protect the company’s key assets, and that includes the digital ones as well. Only by working hand in hand will they bring cybersecurity awareness to a higher level within their company. Being a CFO myself, and with assuming my share of the responsibility for the company’s assets, I thought I would share some of my experiences with you and explain why such a step is becoming much more than a necessary evil.Attacks are inevitable“It can’t happen here.”This is a sentence I used to hear when visiting customers. But the truth is, we all know now that nobody’s 100 percent safe in the modern age, either on a personal level or from well-publicized, organization-specific ransomware cases like WannaCry (300,000 computers infected) and NotPetya (several well-known multinationals in panic). Add to this daily reports of data breaches involving major retailers, financial institutions, internet companies and even dating sites, and it is not very difficult to understand why individuals and businesses alike are becoming less self-assured when it comes to cyberthreats.“I am convinced that there are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.Share“I am convinced that there are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be. And even they are converging into one category: companies that have been hacked and will be hacked again,” said former FBI director Robert Mueller, quoted in the Connected CIO booklet from Dell EMC.Understandably, today’s businesses would prefer to stay off the radar of cybercriminals. Even the most serious banks now play it low-profile. The key is to not tempt hackers, whose favorite techniques now include cryptojacking or fileless malware. In a recent IMF blog, Christine Laguarde estimates the cyber risk for the financial sector, labeled as a significant threat to the financial system. The IMF suggests that average annual potential losses from cyberattacks may be close to nine percent of banks’ net income globally, or around $100 billion. These are staggering numbers, indeed, and do not even cover the worst case scenario. Taking into account that the financial sector has always been one of the most protected segments, this leaves much room for thought about the extent of potential losses in other sectors such as manufacturing. The figures above are based solely on those data breaches that are publicly known. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and I would bet only cover something like 10 percent of the all the real cases.Traditional ‘product’ approaches not enoughLast year, a leading manufacturing company specializing in personal care was crippled by a huge data breach. They turned to my employer, Dell EMC, to help them build and implement a multi-layer cybersecurity strategy, encompassing everything from data encryption to tape backups and cyber insurances. For years, they had been a bit lax in terms of security, but it turned out that traditional strategies, relying on a collection of heterogeneous products, were no longer enough to cope with the ever-increasing ingenuity of hackers.Joint custodiansExamples such as this highlight where a strong CFO-CIO collaboration can make a substantial difference. Given that the CFO is responsible for the company’s assets and the CIO is the gatekeeper of the IT infrastructure who makes security happen, they have a joint responsibility to build a comprehensive strategy that relies on more than a few randomly assembled ‘magic’ security products.Keep your friends close, but your enemies closerThis means analyzing all your organization’s vulnerabilities in detail and taking appropriate actions. It starts with very simple and practical solutions, such as making sure employees change their passwords regularly and log off their computers when not in use. CFOs should make sure that sufficient funding must go into workshops, training and communication efforts to raise security awareness company-wide. Do not forget to take social networks into account during this exercise. There are facts employees should never expose on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn if they play a role in the security chain, such as holiday times or function descriptions.Get your cybersecurity toolbox organizedTogether with a trusted partner on the technical side, CFOs must take a hand in directing the implementation of security tools, data encryption techniques and recovery solutions. One key point in an age where data is the new oil is the ability to prioritize or tier the data that is backed up so as to quickly recover the most critical data in the event of a breach or attack, in addition, the most critical data should have the most secure and frequent backups. And that is right up the CFO’s sleeve, where they can prove their added value to the CIO, both literally and figuratively speaking.Given that a security strategy will never be 100 percent successful (80 percent of incidents are caused by humans), the essential questions the CFO can help the CIO answer are:How do I protect the heartbeat of the business if I am the victim of a cyberattack ?What loss of assets would affect the daily operations of my business if the organization were under attack?How could we lose consumer confidence?And what could have an impact on shareholder value and our reputation in the market?Usually, less than 10 percent of the total data needs to be recovered quickly to avoid major losses.While the CFO frees up the necessary budgets, the CIO should offer technical advice on the IT choices as well as actually embed the cybersecurity strategy within the daily operations. For any new IT project, the Connected Partnership needs to reflect together on the security risks, finding the right balance between openness and isolation. In our interconnected world, you cannot close all the gates, but you can proactively incorporate the right tools to detect when something goes wrong. By doing so, CFO and CIO will be well-positioned to move from a strategy of detection to one of protection.To put on my CFO hat for a moment, I confirm that lots of money does indeed flow into cybersecurity and threat prevention. But cutting costs on that post because ROI is difficult to calculate is presupposing a false economy. The risk of investing insufficiently in cyber protection is losing hard-earned goodwill for both your company and your customer. Who would take the risk of cutting costs on the smoke detectors and fire alarms in their office building?Have a wonderful, safe and cybersecure summer vacation!last_img read more

Chautauqua County Reports 14 New Cases Of COVID-19 Wednesday

first_imgMAYVIILE – Chautauqua County officials have reported 14 new positive cases of COVID-19 Wednesday afternoon, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 1,393.Both Jamestown and Fredonia have reported four new cases while Sherman reports two new cases, along with Silver Creek, Dunkirk, Clymer, and Brocton reporting one case each. 130 cases currently remain active.There are currently 12 people hospitalized in the county. To date, there have been 1,247 recoveries, and 16 deaths. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Engelberth Achieves Truss Setting Milestone at Spruce Camp

first_imgThe new Spruce Camp Base Lodge will include restaurants, abar & lounge, indoor & outdoor fireplaces, rental & repair shops,retail, tickets, and year-round conference & event space. The beautifullydesigned building is located adjacent to the new ‘Over Easy’gondola, providing convenient access to the slopes of both Spruce and Mount Mansfield. The opening date for the new Base Lodgeis next ski season, 2008/2009. About Spruce Peakat StoweSpruce Peakat Stowe, which is being developed by AIG Global Real Estate, is a newslope-side community that is well underway at the base of SprucePeak and Mt.Mansfield in Stowe, Vermont. The intimate alpine neighborhood will boast enviable homes for purchase, aworld-class spa and wellness center, an 18-hole golf course, performing artscenter, dining and retail esplanade, swimming pool, ice skating rink and a newluxury hotel, Stowe Mountain Lodge, which will be the centerpiece of thecommunity.  Tim Engelberth, project manager for Engelberth Constructionstated “The truss erection could not have been achieved without thedetermination and dedication of our crews and subcontractors who met our weeklymilestones.  During January and early February, tasks such as shovelingsnow off the ground and metal decks, moving blankets to protect footing pours,and building tents and enclosures for wall and slab pours, all were criticalactivities that insured that the structure was ready to accept thetrusses.” Of the more than 2,000 acres of landat Spruce Peak at Stowe, only 35 will be used for development, demonstrating agenuine commitment to environmental stewardship while creating year-roundrecreational opportunities for residents and visitors to Stowe. is external) Engelberth Achieves Truss Setting Milestoneat Spruce Camp Stowe, Vermont: Engelberth Construction, Inc. of Colchester marked a major milestone at the endof February on the new Spruce Camp Base Lodge at Spruce Peak. Over the course of the winter, the future base lodge that will serve as StoweMountain Resort’s primary source for skier services rose out from underneaththe heavy snows as crews began erecting the main timber trusses of the 80-footclear span octagon timber frame.center_img About Engelberth ConstructionEngelberth Construction, Inc., is a ConstructionManager/General Contractor with full-service offices in Colchester,Vermont, and Keene, New Hampshire. Engelberth employs over 230 people on projects throughout Vermont,New Hampshire and Massachusetts. ### Crews began setting the Douglas-fir heavy timber rooftrusses on February 21.  While the temperature was a cold four degrees,the skies were blue with minimal wind, allowing for crews to work safely andefficiently.  Two cranes were utilized during the setting of the trusses,as well as a combination of four scissor/boom lifts.  The operationinvolved approximately 22+ people throughout the day.  Karen RouseMarketing CoordinatorEngelberth Construction, Inc.463 Mountain View DriveColchester, VT 05446Direct: 802.846.2328Direct Fax: is external)last_img read more

Social media payments gain traction

first_imgby: Roy UrricoSocial media payments and biometric authentication continue to reshape mobile money transfers, security and processing, according to new reports from the Hampshire, United Kingdom-based Juniper Research and Denver-based Acuity Market Intelligence.Juniper Research revealed that mobile money transfers grew by nearly 150% in 2015 to more than 13 billion transfers, and some social media firms are experiencing significant service usage increases.The new report, “Mobile Money Transfer & Remittances: Domestic & International Markets 2015-2020,” observed that U.S. social payment service Venmo has experienced traffic valued at almost $1 billion per quarter. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

In Berlin, influencers were introduced to Vis as the location of the movie Mamma Mia 2

first_imgThe shooting of the second part of the Hollywood movie “Mamma Mia” last year at various locations on the island of Vis has aroused a lot of interest among film audiences around the world. Famous actors occupied Vis at the time and did the filming for the musical, and after a year of preparation, the film finally came to movie theaters around the world, including Germany.”Mama Mia 2″ premiered at the legendary cinema in Berlin’s Zoo in July 19, and the CNTB took the opportunity to present Croatia as an excellent location for film tourism. Namely, in cooperation with the PR agency Lieb Management, the CNTB invited 30 influencers to watch the premiere of the film together, ie to socialize for the purpose of promoting Croatia according to multipliers followed by a wide audience on social networks.During the opening of the event, the director of the CNTB Representation in Germany, Romeo Draghicchio, presented Croatia to the gathered influencers as an ideal destination for filming and emphasized the innovations in Croatian tourism and the development of trends, with special attention to the island of Vis. The attendees were also shown a promotional video of the Croatian National Football Association with Croatian football players and other celebrities, which provoked additional sympathy from the audience, from which they emphasized that they were cheering for Croatia.Influencers were satisfied with the event and immediately published the first content on social networks, as pointed out in the CNTB, and earlier the Representation in Germany, in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County, gave a group study trip for print media to the island Vis to show the locations of the filming of Mamma Mia.In addition, HTZ, in cooperation with the tour operator FTi, has launched a promotional campaign (video) that will be shown in various German cinemas during the screenings of the film “Mamma Mia 2”. Promotion through filmmaking has proven to be very effective, and in recent years German production companies have also made films in Croatia, which has contributed to the continuation of the successful trend of Croatian tourism in the German market.Share on your social networks the announcement of the film in German, below attached.last_img read more

Japanese renew investment in the City

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