Postdoctoral Fellow

first_imgCampusMCV Campus Preferred Qualifications Position NumberP00001 Additional Information Job Code/Title Recruitment PoolAll Applicants DepartmentBiochemistry Position TypePost Doc Normal work hours Does this position provide patient or clinical services to theVCU Health System?No Open Until FilledNo Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).Optional & Required DocumentsRequired DocumentsCurriculum Vitae (CV)Optional DocumentsCover Letter/Letter of ApplicationReference Letter – 1Reference Letter – 2Reference Letter – 3 Working TitlePostdoctoral Fellow A postdoctoral fellow position is available in the laboratory ofDr. Can E. Senkal in the Department of Biochemistry and MolecularBiology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Thesuccessful candidate will participate in a NIH -funded project onthe molecular mechanisms regulating ceramide generation. Broadly,we study the metabolism, regulation, and biological functions ofsphingolipids in cancer. Candidates with commitment to researchexcellence who are hard-working, and technically skilled arewelcomed to apply. Job CategoryResearch Hours/Week At VCU, we Make it Real through learning, research, creativity,service and discovery — the hallmarks of the VCU experience. Apremier, urban, public research university nationally recognized asone of the best employers for diversity, VCU is a great place towork. It’s a place of opportunity, where your success is supportedand your career can thrive. VCU offers employees a generous leavepackage, career paths for advancement, competitive pay, and anopportunity to do mission-driven work. Is any portion of this position grant-funded?Yes – Continuation of this position depends on funding of thegrant.center_img Sensitive PositionNo • Candidates must have a Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degree (preferablyrecently graduated or with less than two 2 years of post-doctoralexperience), and have hands-on experience in biochemistry, cancerbiology, molecular biology, cell biology or other relevantfields.• The candidates should have excellent verbal and writtenscientific communication skills with experience in writingproposals and manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications.• Hands-on experience in cancer molecular biology, biochemistry,cell biology and/or pharmacology.• Ability to design and perform experiments, and to analyze andinterpret data.• Ability to maintain detailed documentation through electronic andnotebook means.• Ability to work independently as well as ability to workprofessionally and efficiently within the research group as a teamplayer.• Commitment to diversity. Posting Details Remove from posting on or before Normal work days Does this position require a pre-placement medicalassessment?No Submit a cover letter, a current CV with a publication list, andcontact information (including phone numbers) of three referencesby email to [email protected] Anticipated Hiring RangeCommensurate Description of the Job Job Open Date09/09/2019 Resource CriticalNo Special Instructions to Applicants Organizational Overview Required Qualifications Experience in bioactive lipid signaling, enzyme biochemistry(enzyme activity assays), and/or protein biochemistry (proteinexpression and isolation). Quick Link read more

Universities minister repeats call for ‘sanctions’ over access data

first_imgUniversities minister Sam Gyimah has threatened Oxford that it may face sanctions over access inequality, as the fall-out from the university’s first-ever undergraduate admissions reports continues.In an interview with The Telegraph, Gyimah said that “very hard levers” were available to the new Office for Students if the University’s admissions statistics did not improve.Gyimah, who was elected as president of the Oxford Union in 1997, also called for Oxbridge to make more use of ‘contextualised’ admissions.Gyimah said: “The numbers that we are seeing now disappoint me, and it’s disappointing because it’s been going on for too long.“Years ago we were having the same debate about Oxford and Cambridge as we are today, and that is very disappointing.“I don’t think they’re doing enough…It is staggering that we have the best minds in our universities and we still do not know what the best way is when it comes to applications.”Gyimah, the Conservative MP for East Surrey, stressed that the Universities could face monetary sanctions if they fail to meet targets.“The new regulator for universities, the Office for Students, has access and participation remits with every university, and they will have stretching targets,” he said.“They will have to deliver against these targets set by the regulator, who can ultimately fine them.”Gyimah’s comments come weeks after the Chair of the Education Select Committee, Robert Halfon, called for sanctions if Oxford and Cambridge failed to address their “social justice problem.”Halfon said: “I would like to see the elite universities properly being held to account for the numbers of disadvantaged students they admit – and the support they receive whilst studying. “Perhaps we should regard universities as elite only if they are providing a real ladder of opportunity to the disadvantaged. Maybe universities should only be seen as ‘the best’ when they lead their students to well-paid job destinations and reduce Britain’s skills deficit.“The new Office for Students must lead in this. There must be sanctions from the new regulator for those universities who are failing in this regard.”In March, the Higher Education Standards Agency (Hesa) revealed that Oxford accepted fewer applications from poor neighbourhoods in the 2017-18 academic year than any other mainstream institution.Just 2.8% of the University’s intake were from students who live in areas classified as the most difficult to engage in higher education.Gyimah also called for the universities to consider more ‘contextualised’ admissions, after other Russell Group universities including University College London, King’s College London, and York introduced schemes to improve the uptake of disadvantaged students.Gyimah said: “There are rules to this game, and there are some schools from the age of 12,13, that are schooling their students…so that when they get to A-levels it is part of their DNA.“If you go to a school where this is not the system at all, you find it very difficult to catch up. You’re quite smart, you’ve got the potential, but there’s no one there to help you.“What Oxford should be doing is helping those schools who do not have those inbuilt systems, to actually develop those advantages in those schools. If you don’t know those systems, you don’t have a hope of getting through.“I think it is right that they take into account a broad range of factors, not just the performance in the tests.”last_img read more

Pidy stays Neutral on cones

first_imgBelgian pastry company Pidy has launched a mini waffle cone for use with savoury fillings.The Mini Cone Neutral comes in boxes of 112 or 308 pieces and each pack can be ordered with a unique artist’s palette-shaped cone stand, containing up to 35 holes. The cones are 7.5cm in length and can be filled with fish, meat or pâté for example. They have an ambient shelf-life of 12 months.Pidy has also launched another foodservice friendly product Cuppys. These are pastry canapé cases, which come in two shapes Flower or Canapé and can be filled with both sweet and savoury fillings. The cases are 5cm in diameter and can be served hot or cold.last_img read more

Father John Misty Brilliantly Imitates The Velvet Underground In “Shangri-La Suite” Soundtrack [Audio]

first_imgThe soundtrack for Eddie O’Keefe’s new film Shangri-La Suite is sounding mighty nice. The Mondo Boys‘ Mike Griffin and Mike Schanzlin shared a 30-minute mixtape of the soundtrack, which includes a rendition of the Velvet Underground‘s “Who Loves the Sun” as sung by sir Joshua Tillman of Father John Misty.Listen to the Loaded opener at the 2:59 mark below, and give the full tape a spin while you’re at it: Tracklisting:00:00 – Troubled Girl01:22 – The Chase02:59 – Who Loves The Sun [feat. Father John Misty]*05:37 – The Law on Their Tail06:10 – Elvis [featuring Burt Reynolds]07:31 – Baby Don’t Let Me Go [feat. Scot Bruce]09:09 – Road Dream10:37 – Bathroom Tiles [feat. Baby Chuck]~12:27 – Kill Elvis13:14 – I Don’t Wanna Die [feat. Emily Browning]17:15 – Shangri-La Suite20:07 – Elvis’ Dream [feat. Ron Livingston & Springtime Carnivore]21:26 – The Escape Pt 222:22 – I Found A Reason [feat. Jonathan Rado]*25:21 – Found Poem by Karen Bird26:02 – First In Line [feat. Scot Bruce]**Words and Music written by: Griffin/Schanzlin (Mondo Boys)*Written by Lou Reed / Velvet Underground~Written by Baby Chuck**Written by Weisman and SchroederString arrangements by Paul CartwrightHorn arrangements by Todd SimonPerformances by:Mike Griffin, Mike Schanzlinwith Thomas Carroll (drums), Paul Cartwright (violin), Sean O’Malley (harmonica), Todd Simon (trumpet), Tracy Wannomae (saxophone)Vocal Performances by:Emily Browning, Scot Bruce, Ron Livingston, Greta Morgan, Matt O’Keefe, Jonathan Rado, Joshua Tillmanlast_img read more

Songs without words

first_imgAnyone wandering by the Radcliffe Gymnasium on Wednesday (Feb. 17) would have wondered at the sounds emanating from the vaulted hall, and likely stopped to investigate. There they would have found a young woman with a microphone in each hand performing a curious and captivating symphony of sound and song.Erin E. Gee’s compositions are as whimsical as they are hard to define.Gee, a trained pianist and composer, grew unhappy with her works for voice and changed direction with her vocal compositions in the late 1990s, eliminating any comprehensible words in her text. She decided instead to rely on the International Phonetic Alphabet to structure the vocal sounds in her work, which range from buzzes and whirs to whistles and pops, all created with the human voice. The textual elements are arranged with a melodic line for a “vocalist,” and often include a line for instruments that frequently mimic the voice’s sounds.Gee discussed the genesis of her Mouthpiece series, a group of 19 works for solo voice and ensemble, during a lecture and mini-performance. While at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Gee, the 2009-10 Rieman and Baketel Fellow for Music, is working on “‘SU-O’ for Voices and Orchestra,” an extension of her Mouthpiece compositions.Her first Mouthpiece work was based on a text from the Rigveda, a collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns. The musician, who currently lives in Graz, Austria, explained that her aim was to transform the text to something unrecognizable.“I tried to keep the structure of the order of the sounds of the text the same, but I changed them past intelligibility so they become something else,” said Gee of her work “Mouthpiece I” from 1999.For the composer, the ultimate goal is to create pieces that remove the element of the ego-based performance and the “heightened emotion” and “strong attachment to the meaning of the words” that is often found in vocal literature. Instead, Gee said she aims in her work to “move away from the vocal performer as a person … and “move as much as possible toward instrumental use of the voice.”“It just seemed natural on some level to move toward sound.”Gee later drew inspiration from traditional Japanese vocal styles as a guest artist in 2005 at the Akiyoshidai International Art Village in Japan. Other inspirations for her compositions include the scat singing of jazz great Ella Fitzgerald, tongue twisters, and a Pygmy tribe from the African rainforest.While her work may be hard to define or describe, the crowd didn’t find it hard to enjoy. Many attendees were smiling during Gee’s brief performances. Audience members peppered the composer with questions following her talk, calling her compositions “beautiful” and “fantastic.”One critic compared the experience of listening to Gee’s works to a ride on the back of a beautiful butterfly, said Judith Vichniac, the institute’s associate dean of the fellowship program, and to “learning a whole new language, one that, simply by hearing, not even understanding, elevates your being.”last_img read more

Brazilian Army Trains Motorcycle Escorts for Rio 2016

first_imgIn addition to minimizing the impact on Rio’s traffic, convoys will provide security. “As soon as the escort arrives, the person who is being transported requires protection,” Lt. Col. Sérgio Ramos explained. “Stopping the motorcade along the route or in a dangerous neighborhood means exposing the official to an attack or an activity that could cause injury. If suddenly someone with criminal intent or someone seeking to disturb the peace […] gets out of a car and pulls out a gun and opens fire on the motorcade, the escort rider will need to intervene. So the course has a shooting techniques element in addition to motorcycle riding.” The Armed Forces are preparing the strategy in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice’s Extraordinary Department for Large Events. The plan focuses on providing comfort, flexibility, and protection for foreign delegations, especially the nearly 170 heads of state who have confirmed they will attend the world’s largest sporting event. The Armed Forces will deploy a Platoon of 160 convoy motorcyclists, whose mission is to escort the motorcades. An escort’s work requires a good deal of skill and concentration, according to Lt. Col. Sérgio Ramos. “The escort rider is three people rolled into one. He is a skilled motorcyclist, a responsible traffic officer, and a security agent on the lookout for any suspicious movement along the road from the point of origin to the motorcade’s destination.” The security and safety of international delegations traveling through the streets of Rio de Janeiro is one of the main concerns for the organizers of the 2016 Olympic Games. To ensure that traffic through the region moves safely and efficiently, the Brazilian Armed Forces will provide Military escorts to Olympics delegations and heads of state, and officials are working to minimize the disruption to the civilian population. “Olympic lanes” – traffic lanes that will be marked for the exclusive use of motorcades – are currently being created. The goal is to route the delegations through these express routes: Linha Vermelha (Red Line), Linha Amarela (Yellow Line), and Avenida Brasil. “We do not want the whole city of Rio to come to a halt,” Lt. Col. Sérgio Ramos stated. “Imagine escorting 108 motorcades in just one day. We are thinking about providing an escort to one point, where [all escorted] authorities would [then] board a bus, which will transport all of them [to the Olympic venues], to avoid disturbances in urban commutes. This is [still] under negotiation.” The 1ºBG is currently in process of forming new escort teams. Lt. Col. Sérgio Ramos has trained two classes, consisting of 30 total new escorts, already this year. “The failure rate is high, around 40 percent, because the course is very technically demanding,” he said. By Dialogo March 22, 2016 Rio, the Olympics’ main host city and Brazil’s second-largest metropolis, has 6.5 million residents and 2.9 million vehicles, and its normally frenetic rhythm will not relax during the competition. The only difference is that public schools will be closed, as the local prefecture has declared a holiday during the Games. center_img “It is a lot to do in a short period of time but we are ready for it,” he said. The Military will deploy 70 riders as escorts from the 1º BG, 40 from the Army Police Battalion, 16 from the Presidential Guard Battalion in Brasília, and others from the Southern Military Command in Porto Alegre, the Air Force Police, and the Marine Corps’ Independent Police Company. “We are in discussions with public traffic entities to prevent disturbances as much as possible,” said Lieutenant Colonel Sérgio Moraes Ramos Carneiro, Commanding Officer of the Army 1st Guard Battalion (1ºBG), which will coordinate the escorts during the Olympics. Each escort will be carry 10 kilograms of equipment, including a fireproof leather jacket, a helmet, gloves, knee-high boots, elbow pads, and a back brace. “Safety equipment is the top priority because we can buy another motorcycle but not another motorcyclist,” Lt. Col. Sérgio Ramos said. Perfect I like it It seems Logical to me. Highly trained escorts Most of the travel that requires escorts will be conducted on August 5th, the day of the Olympics’ opening ceremony. “We have 108 heads of states, referred to as VVIP (Very Very Important Person) who arrive that day,” Lt. Col. Sérgio Ramos stated. About 70 motorcades are scheduled for August 21st, the day of the closing ceremonies. Escorts must have expert driving skills, motor coordination, physical vigor, intelligence, courage, and the ability to brake at a high speeds without fishtailing and make quick decisions, he stated. “A rider goes from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in six seconds. The motorcycles can reach 150 km/h, and the motorcyclist must determine from a distance which road he will need to block. He will stop, get off the motorcycle, and stop traffic. All of this must be done quickly, without compromising the security of the official or the motorcade, and without causing an accident. This requires extremely focused attention.” Minimizing disruptionlast_img read more

At least eight killed in shootings in Germany: Police

first_imgAt least eight people were killed in two shootings late Wednesday near the German city of Frankfurt, with an unknown number of attackers still at large, police said.The shootings targeted shisha bars in Hanau, about 20 kilometres (12 miles) from Frankfurt, according to local media, and police launched a huge manhunt in the town of around 90,000 people.The first attack occurred at a bar in the centre of the city around 10pm (2100 GMT), police and reports said. Witnesses reported hearing a dozen shots, local media said. The attacker, or attackers, then fled the scene by car, according to police. There was then a second shooting.According to local media reports, three people were killed in front of the first bar and five in front of the second.Germany has been targeted in recent years by several extremist attacks, one of which killed 12 people in the heart of Berlin in December 2016. Topics :last_img read more

COVID-19: New-look Pogba provides update from quarantine (Video)

first_imgThe Frenchman, who has been injured for much of the season and last played for United on Boxing Day, is having to build his fitness back up from the confines of his house with the government enacting a lockdown on Monday evening to try and curb the coronavirus pandemic.United shut down their Carrington facility last week before the announcement, with Pogba already sharing a clip of him training with teammate Victor Lindelof at the ‘PP Arena’, though now he has to work solo.Recording himself as part of Adidas’ #hometeam initiative, he said: ‘ This is Paul Pogba, aka “La Pioche”. I am at the PP Arena.‘This is where I spend most of my time at home in confinement.‘I’m with the little one [his son]. We’re playing football, fooling around. I dribble past him until he grows up and does the same to me! Loading… Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has posted another update from his makeshift training gym at home – this time sporting a freshly shaved head.Advertisement Promoted ContentWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?Who Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made12 Iconic Actors Whose Careers Were Stunted By A Single MovieThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s Hysterical14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right NowLil Nas X Is About To Beat A World Record!Couples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way6 Extreme Facts About Hurricanes10 Albino Animals Who Look Like Ghosts7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better Read Also: Man United ready shirt number for Sancho after £120m switch‘These are the things you can do at home if you have a garden, if you’re inside… ‘Even in a small apartment with a foam ball, like we used to do back in the day. We play, we break things, we say sorry to our parents and go on – I’m kidding!‘I’ll see you soon, on the pitch. Not this one, the big one! Stay home, OK?’Pogba is due to be out of contract at Old Trafford next year, prompting fears he could leave this summer with both Real Madrid and Juventus circling, though relations between his agent, Mino Raiola, and United’s hierarchy are reported to have improved and talks over a new deal could be back on the table.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

Golf sensation Spiranac admits sending nude photos

first_img Loading… FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Golf babe Paige Spiranac has admitted that she had sent nude photos before adding however that it was not one way traffic as she always insists on getting one in return The 27-year-old has shot to fame after accumulating over 2.7m followers on Instagram. Aside from  being a professional golfer, she sets pulses racing with her steamy posts on social media. But in private, she has admitted to going one further and sending naked pictures in the past. However, she has made sure that she gets one back for ‘collateral’. Speaking on her You Got Game podcast, the American star said: “This is what p***** me off. “If a guy is asking for a picture, you also have to return the picture with another picture. “It is not that I really care to see it, it’s more just collateral. I need to have something of yours, because you have something of mine. “I learned that the hard way!”Advertisement Golf sensation Paige Spiranac Spiranac certainly did after a photo she had sent to someone she was dating was leaked onto the internet. When the relationship turned sour, her ex shared the photo with pals that quickly spread it. Addressing her attitude towards sending pictures before her nude pictures were leaked, Spiranac said: “It was fun. “I was carefree and I didn’t think twice about it! “That was just my thing, I would send pictures because I didn’t like sexting, or doing things over Facetime or talking dirty. Read AlsoPaige Spiranac Explodes: declares golf Stuffy and discriminatory “When it is over Facetime or through text, I find it is very uncomfortable because guys are awkward. They make it awkward. “They just take it to such an extreme level, or they say something uncomfortable. “They don’t know how to do it in a sexy way. It’s just like ‘you’re a dirty w****’ and it’s a little much!” Promoted ContentWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?6 Extreme Facts About HurricanesWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?A Soviet Shot Put Thrower’s Record Hasn’t Been Beaten To This Day10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By Odeith8 Things About Ancient Egypt That We Don’t Yet KnowBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeThe Story Of The Small Italy Windows In The Walls Is Rather Grim18 Cities With Neverending Tourist-Flow5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks6 TV Characters Whose Departures Have Made The Shows Better18 Beautiful Cities That Are Tourist Magnetslast_img read more

Di Canio: Strict rules for players

first_img Di Canio, who accepts he is viewed in some quarters as “the mad Italian”, said he is ready to give any lazy players a “kick up the bottom” and claimed the sceptics will soon be cheering his name to the Stadium of Light’s rafters. He also insisted he can weather the storm blown up by Labour MP David Miliband quitting as club vice-chairman over the 44-year-old’s past statements professing to be a “fascist but not a racist”. Press Association New Sunderland boss Paolo Di Canio has warned the players will have to fit in with his disciplined approach to training to avoid becoming “a team of anarchists”.center_img Sunderland are a point off the relegation zone and the new manager admitted his first training session came as a shock to some players, stressing the need for discipline. Di Canio, who previously achieved success as manager of Swindon, said: “You have to know how to manage your players. “It is obvious you have different egos in the Premier League, but you have to have strict rules, discipline, and work hard on the field during the week otherwise the product you deliver on Saturday is not good. “That won’t change. It’s not just Paolo Di Canio’s opinion, all managers around the world think the same. If everybody interprets the game wrong because they do not train properly during the week or because there is no discipline you have an anarchists’ team, and if there is anarchy maybe the players try to do the right thing but doesn’t work in the way it should. “Especially the new generation, not because they are bad guys but they are young and full of technology, they go round the town and if you don’t make them concentrate during training sessions you don’t help them to be focused. “I am not saying it happened here, I have to be clear. I don’t know what happened here but with the players we have got I can’t imagine how we are one point from relegation zone. Yesterday was the first training session and it was a shock for them. “But they showed fantastic commitment and we are going to change a bit our philosophy in the way we approach our training sessions, because if you do not prepare yourself the best in your training session you can’t do a good job in a Saturday or Sunday game. “We have a very good foundation with five or six players with fantastic talent and a group of young players who are full of enthusiasm to prove their quality. We can now light the fire and let them play together with energy and quality.” last_img read more